A traveler who won the world over 196 countries over 50 years talks about "the country where it is difficult to get the most visa in the world"

ByJohn Barker

While undergoing various work such as editor, photography director, advertising agent, attorney, etc., it took 50 years to win the whole world 196 countriesAlbert PodellMr. While traveling around the world you need to obtain a visa, but some countries do not publish visas easily. Mr. Podell who has gone around the world, in his own experience, discloses "the country where it was hard to get visas" and talks about how I was able to enter these countries.

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Saudi Arabia

ByDin Zainal

Albert Podell kept failing to get a visa from 2000 to 2009, as Saudi Arabia never accepts tourist visas other than Muslims. Podell, who is an autonomous Ultra liberal Jewish atheist, says he was at a loss as "we must convert to a Muslim to conquer 196 countries in the whole world and memorize the Koran ...". EspeciallyBahrainMaritime bridge connecting Bahrain and Saudi Arabia in "King · Fahd · CausewayWhen I was driving, Saudi Arabia was right there, but I could not enter the country, and I felt regretful.

Why do not you admit travelers' visas? When I asked the consular officials about the reason, "Saudi Arabia can earn enough money by oil and we do not need a small amount of money that travelers bring.MeccaThere are no problems for pilgrims who came about 2 million people each year, but some conservative people do not want non-Muslims to come and instigate liberal ideas. Moreover, it is also troublesome for the extremists to kill and hurt travelers. "

Ultimately, Mr. Podell asked a travel agency in the state of Michigan, USA to have a travel installed in a way that they participated in a team of archeology professors who conduct research in the Middle East. It seems that it was a trip of 9000 dollars (about 107 million yen) due to brokerage fee and agency fee to agency.


ByUnited Nations Photo

Kiribati is a country whose territory is part of the Gilbert Islands, Phoenix Islands, and Line Islands located on the Pacific Ocean. When Podell thought of going to Kiribati in 2006, Kiribati was too poor to have a consulate in the United States. Instead, all over the worldHonorary ConsulPodell said he was advised to obtain a visa from a consular person usually surfing in Honolulu. After all, when traveling in the South Pacific it seems he got a visa from the consul of Fiji. Currently, Japan and the American citizens can enter Kiribati without a visa.


ByEuropean Commission DG ECHO

Chad is a country located in central Africa. The method of entering Chad is also very special, and it is necessary to book a hotel in the capital city Nunjamena to obtain a visa. Although it is a story of 2012, the visa applications are distributed in 2 to 3 hotels in N'Djamena, and those who want to enter Chad reserve the hotel in advance for $ 300 (about 37,500 yen) It is necessary to get an application form.

However, even if the reservation is over, there is no end. Mr. Podell was asked for an employee bribe of 50 dollars (about 5900 yen) at the airport, even if he refused, even if he refused "I was asked by the embassy of the US to visit", the official said "gold, gold, It was said that it had only to pay $ 15 (about 1780 yen) after all because it had only to repeat it.


ByHadi Zaher

Nauru is a republic in Nauru Island of a coral reef floating in the southwestern part of the Pacific Ocean. By exporting abundant phosphorus ore that can be taken from the country,It was a country that lived a rich life without citizens working. But with resources getting on in 2006, the people are forced to work. So Nauru made your countryTax havenIn addition,Pacific SolutionWe established a refugee camp as part of the camp. People who escaped to Australia as refugees are destined forcibly repatriated, but some people who have been granted visas by Australia can evacuate to Nauru.

Because of this policy, it was very difficult to enter Nauru, but Nauru relaxed the restriction in 2008 and travelers and others are also easier to get visas. Podell, who was failing to get a visa from 2001 to 2007, said he was able to obtain a visa through an airline in 2011.


ByStella gassaway

Many people in the world can answer simple 21 questions to obtain a Russian visa, but in the case of Americans, "People and organizations planning to pay money while traveling" Answering 41 complicated questions, such as 'Countries visited yearly', 'Current and past two jobs', 'All educational institutions passed' 'Was it trained in firearms, bombs, nuclear weapons and biochemistry?' You must do it. Russia seems to be on the list meaning "Visa application is messy" because queries are very detailed, and if there is no entry, you can not enter the country.


ByThe U.S. Army

South Africa,A corner of AfricaSomalia, a country whose territory is the area that has been called, continues civil warfare for a long time, and terrorism is also rampant in the country. Of course inflows by sightseeing are necessary, but we have not attracted much aggressive travelers to prevent the situation of travelers being killed or kidnapped. Therefore, few hotels are mainly used as accommodation for diplomats and NGOs.

Also, in Somalia it is possible to hire a guard with getting a visa. A soldier is a team of 4 to 6 people, a leader of the team is on the side of the traveler, and from the top of the roof the sniper confirms the safety around the traveler. When Podell visited Somalia in 2012 and hired a guard, the amount was 750 dollars a day (about 89,000 yen), but now it is rising to 1,350 dollars (about 160 thousand yen) Thing. In recent years Podell has speculated that as the number of people visiting Somalia increases and the danger increases.


ByFreedom House

Between 2004 and 2007 Podell kept asking consular officials in Sudan about whether visa approval was still still, but the answer was always "KhartoumIt is under review at ".

Sudan'sDarfur conflict arising from 2003Hundreds of thousands of nonarabic residents were slaughtered. And now, President'sOmar al-BashirAn arrest warrant has been issued by the International Criminal Court as being involved in collective massacres. As domestic affairs are very unstable, Sudan wants to avoid shooting domestic travelers with cameras, limiting the number of sightseeing tourists and photographs taken are strictly checked at present.

Mr. Podell entered the country by having it installed by a friend of the United Nations, not a regular method.


ByRod Waddington

Arab SpringYaYemen cannon in 2011And the confusion situation continued, so Yemen had a very difficult time getting a visa for a long time. However, in January 2014, Podell seems to have been able to obtain visa quickly and enter the regular way when internal affairs are relatively calm. However, in January 2015, the Armed Organization of Zaidism, a faction of the Shiite IslamFujiHas grasped the power of the government, dissolved the parliament, declared the establishment of the provisional government, now it is difficult to enter the country again.


ByOneVillage Initiative

It is Angola that Podell says "It was hard to get the most visa". In addition to recognizing foreigners as "people stealing diamonds", Angola continued from 1975 to 2002Angola civil warAs of the endorsement, few Americans have issued tourist visas at the moment. Podell who continued to apply for visas from 2004 to 2008, was finally able to enter Korea at the end of December 2012 by having connection with senior officials of Angola who can use the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In the capital city · Luanda there were no special places other than traffic jams and big cranes, and there were few wild animals due to the conflict in the country's forests that the country's forests were beautiful, Podell I am talking. Also, "Souvenir is five times higher than similar items in other countries".

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