Boeing develops a portable laser cannon that shoots down the drones, showing a demonstration movie

Boeing developed a compact laser cannon that shoots down a drones by irradiating a laser beam.

Boeing: Silent Strike

Welcome to the World, Drone-Killing Laser Cannon | WIRED

You can see the state of the experiment etc. done at California's Point Mag base in the following movie.

Boeing's Compact Laser Weapons System: Sets up in minutes, directs energy in seconds - YouTube

Boeing's developed drone laser cannon,Fiber laser one, A beam detector, a cooler, a battery, and is shaped like a huge camera.

Looking at the state of the experiment irradiating the laser beam, we can not hear the radiated sound at all and we can see that the locus of the laser can not be seen at all.

It is possible to release 2 kilowatts of laser light at full power, and the time from attack to shot down is only 15 seconds.

In a demonstration to actually shoot down a drone in flight, a laser is emitted towards a drone flying from hundreds of meters away ......

A hole in the drone, the aircraft burned and crashed. The enemy's drones are said to be shot down while not being able to understand where they were attacked and what happened together.

Operation of laser cannon is done using Xbox 360 controller and laptop. Targeting the enemy's drones ......

The laser hits the tail wing.

Drone lost its balance and crashed.

The size is about four suitcases, and the time taken to assemble is 2 to 3 minutes with two people.

Use the assembled laser cannon fixed on a tripod as follows. It is expected not only to shoot down the drones of enemy aircraft, but also as a deterrent to civilian skipping drone in the no-fly area.

As the name of "compact", it succeeded in downsizing by 40% from the prototype, and it was easy to carry around.

Although the price is yet to be determined, Boeing is proceeding with development aiming to distribute it to the market within two years. It seems that the world like a science fiction novel that repels enemies with a laser gun will become a reality.

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