Approximately 9 billion yen to 162 companies including Apple, to develop wearable terminals for soldiers

ByThe U.S. Army

Organizations comprising 162 companies / universities such as Apple, Boeing, Qualcomm, Harvard University, MIT, Stanford University, etc. to understand the health status of soldiers in real time and to develop special terminals to support activities "FlexTech Alliance"It was found that the US Department of Defense funds 75 million dollars (about 9 billion yen) in a five-year plan.

FlexTech Alliance Receives $ 75 Million Department of Defense Award To Create and Manage a Flexible Hybrid Electronics Manufacturing Facility | FlexTech

DoD Announces Award of New Flexible Hybrid Electronics Manufacturing Innovation Hub in Silicon Valley> U.S. DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE> News Release View

The FlexTech Alliance is a consortium of Silicon Valley consisting of 96 companies, 11 laboratories and nonprofit organizations, 42 universities, 14 states and regional groups. The US Department of Defense has requested the FlexTech Alliance $ 75 million (about 9 billion yen) of Federal Government Aid to develop a wearable terminal with flexible materials equipped with a health monitoring system and communication function to equip a soldier I announced to contribute money. Investment from other than the government gathered, and the total amount of money is over 96 million dollars (about 11.6 billion yen).

Due to the diversity of industry organizations gathered in the FlexTech Alliance which received funds, by linking technology and knowledge, it will be possible to print substrate printing technology, stretchable new materials that can print circuits, by 2020, for soldiers We are aiming at the development of wearable terminals specialized in.

Specifically, what type of wearable terminal is developed is explained in the following movie.

Flexible Hybrid Electronics Manufacturing Innovation Institute (FHE-MII) - YouTube

The foundation can be bent and bent like the following, equipped with various sensors.

For wearable terminals, not only the foundation but all parts are made of flexible material.

Phased Array RadarWe plan to develop several types of wearable terminals such as terminals that can remotely check the soldier 's current location, medical terminals, exercise support terminals, biological devices etc.

For example, batteries that can be rolled thin like paper ... ...

Flat antenna

We are making it possible to mass-produce circuits and boards that can be printed.

If you use a terminal with ordinary board, failure due to shock will be a weak point, but if it is a terminal printed board with flexible material, it is attached anywhere and has shock resistance, so as a soldier's equipment Ideal. In addition, sensors will be installed on the aircraft walls as well.

Ultimately, with this feeling, it will be possible to detect sweating / electrolysis mass, heart rate blood oxygen saturation, etc. in real time and display biological indicators on the display.

Since it is possible to confirm the state of all the soldiers in real time even from a remote place, it is effective for activities in contaminated areas and others. By being able to communicate without touching the keyboard etc like a conventional electronic terminal, it means that the soldier's activities become safe and efficient.

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