Let's understand how Linux was born from the recollection of Linus Torvalds


It is widely used not only as a free general-purpose OS but also as an OS for supercomputersLinuxIt is said to be the most successful masterpiece as open source software. Be the creator of that LinuxLinus TorvaldsIn the interview received in 1996, I am talking about the hints until Linux is born.

How Linux was born, as told by Linus Torvalds himself | Ars Technica UK

Linus born in Helsinki, Finland entered Helsinki University in 1988 and majored in computer science. At that time, it was released to the university in 1986UNIXWas installedMicroVAXThere were only 16 licenses, and the course to learn UNIX was overflowing with waiting students. "It is commonly said that" UNIX is complicated ", but in reality it is very simple," says Linus.

Andrew Tanenbaum's book "Operating Systems: Design and ImplementationWritten in "MinixLinus who used the learning system source code called learning teaching material, was hated by Intel's8088It is the successor to CPU80386I am satisfied with the performance of the CPU and I am getting my own computer with 80386 chip. This is due to the overlap of the fact that computer chips are getting cheap quickly and that Linus has been able to utilize the student loan of the Finnish scholarship system at home and abroad. Linus who earned pocket money on part-time jobs also said that he remembered clearly that it was January 5, 1991 when he got a PC.

Although it was a Linus who got a desire PC, it takes time to get Minix 's floppy disk, and it will not rush quickly into the world of UNIX programming. There was also a way to kill time with MS-DOS game without any help. The hand-held Linus seems to have been running a task switching program with a timer to switch tasks in order to learn about the 80386 architecture, and this simple task switching program blossoms later as the "bud" of the Linux kernel Linus looks back when it comes to it.

Linus who had been improving Minix for himself, named the OS as "Linux" as a coined term of Linus's Minix. About the same timePOSIXLinus, who was seeking information on standards within the newsgroup, taught that POSIX is charged for Ali Lenk, a staff member of the University of Helsinki, and it can not be obtained free of charge. Lenk who told Linus that he was interested in OS and kernel showed interest in Linux and offered to offer FTP server for poor Linus, then at that time "/ pub / os / linux" It was said that he created a directory called.

Initially, for Linus, the name "Linux" was a nickname attached to software that was completely private, it seems that he did not imagine using it in an open scene, later called "Free Unix" called "Freax" I thought that it might be better to change to a name. However, as Lenk did not stubbornly change the directory name, the Linux name seems to have survived, "I was lucky as a result of becoming Linux instead of Freax" as a result .

Lenk also participated in the development of Linux, the project to develop software in open source in April 1991 was born. The first version of Linux was only introduced by e-mail to a few acquaintances, the version made in a few weeks was good, so it was released to the Minix newsgroup comp.os.minix It was decided.

On August 25, 1991, Linus released the software "Linux" with the following text on the newsgroup comp.os.minix. Looking back now, this text may be said to be a historical sentence read by many computer fans until later generations, as the first sentence to introduce the great software of later Linux.

Hello. Everyone using MINIX.
I am making a free OS for 386 (486) machines (it's not a big and professional one like GNU, but I can enjoy it with my hobbies). We planned from April, but at last we are ready.

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