"Politwoops" which politician detected deletion tweet and tweet again is stopped on Twitter

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A politician automatically detected the tweets deleted by 30 states in the world and made it possible for everyone to view itPolitwoops"Likewise, diplomats were collecting deleted tweets"Diplotwoops"We have received notification from Twitter and announced that API use was stopped.

Twitter cuts off Diplotwoops and Politwoops in all remaining 30 countries - Open State Foundation (press release)

Twitter has killed Politwoops, which kept an eye on politicians

I am running Politwoops and DiplotwoopsOpen-State Foundation(OSF), an attempt to automatically re-post tweets deleted by politicians and diplomats using Twitter's API was widely used by journalists around the world.

Twitter account of Politwoops of the American version was stopped access of API on 15th May 2015, but Argentina, Australia, Canada, Chile, Croatia, Denmark, Portugal, Egypt, Estonia, France, Greek, India, Ireland Politicians' deleted tweets continued to be released in 30 countries, including Italy, Korea, Macedonia, Norway, Belgium, the UK, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, Spain, Switzerland, Tunisia, Turkey and the Vatican.

But on August 21, the Open State Foundation received notification that API access to the Twitter accounts that were active in these 30 countries was notified, and that all Twitter accounts of Politwoops are suspended. For Twitter notification, "Delete Tweet corresponds to user's expression, so you can not permit API access to post deleted tweets".

In addition, because Politwoops and Diplotwoops can not detect deleted tweets, they can no longer tweet newly in the future, but the web version of "Politwoops"and"DiplotwoopsYou can browse past tweets with. The Open State Foundation says it will continue to visualize deletion tweets of politicians and diplomats as much as possible.

Politwoops - All deleted tweets from politicians

Diplotwoops - All deleted tweets from diplomats

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