Why is it difficult to memorize "color"?


Human beings can distinguish millions of colors, but it is said that it is difficult to accurately memorize shades of colors. The latest research revealed that the reason "Why you can not memorize shade of color" is due to the mechanism by which human brain memorizes color.

Why It's Hard To Remember Colors | Neuroscience News

A research team led by Jonathan Flombaum who is studying cognitive psychology at Johns Hopkins University does not memorize the color actually seen by the human being as it is, and the brain is based on the color tones such as cold and warm colors We unconsciously announced that we are biased towards "standard color" to memorize color.

For example, sky blue, navy blue, cobalt blue,UltramarineWhen seeing at the same time, human beings can distinguish different color tones and recognize them as different colors, but it turned out that the brain remembers all colors as a single color "blue". Also, the same phenomenon occurs for other colors such as green and pink.


The research team conducted experiments on color memories. First of all ask the examinees to see the 180 color wheel and ask them to select the six colors of blue, pink, green, purple, orange and yellow, which they feel most "standard". Next, we showed the colored board for only 0.1 second and asked them to memorize that color, and tested to find the color that was learned from the color wheel.


Experimental results showed that it was difficult to accurately hit the color memorized by the examinee, and there was a tendency to choose a color close to the color that it felt was "standard". Also, it turned out that the closer the color displayed on the board is to "standard color", the more accurately the color shading can be remembered. Mr. Flombaum says, "Human beings can distinguish millions of colors, but it is difficult to memorize the exact color taste as the brain categorizes them roughly when storing their color," I am talking.

Furthermore, Mr. Flombaum is able to quickly remember his memory when trying to remember colors and things from the memory of the past by learning colors in large categories such as "blue" and "green", " comment. In addition to color, it is already clear that when viewing multiple objects at once, humans memorize things in categories such as "birds" or "people's faces". This is because the memory of the brain is not missing, trying to match the things seen by the eyes and past memories based on "word".

Therefore, even when trying to remember the color of the room wall and curtain on the go, I can not remember the exact color shading, "phenomenon that I tried installing curtains bought at the shop in the room but it does not match the image ..." It is said that it will happen. When you want to know exactly the color, Flombaum recommends "take a picture and record it".

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