In Windows 10 it turns out that some popular titles can not be played because traditional DRM adopted games such as SecuROM are not supported

On Windows 10Digital rights managementThe system (DRM system) "SafeDiscAnd some "SecuROMIt does not support that it does not support. Therefore, it seems that you can not play some masterpiece games on Windows 10.

Windows 10: Spiele mit Safedisc-Kopierschutz starten nicht, u.a. Battlefield 1942 [Update]

Windows 10 Will not Run Games Using SafeDisc Or Securom DRM | Rock, Paper, Shotgun

Your games protected with SafeDisc or Securom DRM will not run on Windows 10

A game show being held in Germany from August 17, 2015 "Gamescom 2015"Microsoft's Boris Schneider Yone said that with Windows 10, it is preferable that all programs executable on Windows 7 should be functional, but there are two exceptions. One of them states that it is a security software program such as antivirus software executed deep within the system and the other is a game adopting the old DRM system.

According to Schneider, there is a danger that it can be a security hole in the game program adopting SafeDisc and some SecuROM's DRM system. Also, as SafeDisc has been suspended for several years, it is a situation where new updates can not be expected, so it seems that Windows 10 has decided not to support game software that adopted these DRM systems .

AlreadyPosts were received from some users in the Microsoft Support Forum say that older games can not be played on Windows 10It was officially announced that some game titles that formally adopted SecuROM from Microsoft from SafeDisc and 2003 to 2008 are not supported.

For games affected by this unsupported measure of SafeDisc · SecuROM by Windows 10, "Crimson Skies","Grand Theft Auto 3","Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004","The SimsPopular titles such as "Included" are included. In addition, Sony's audio CD protected by SecuROM will also be unplayable.

Although it is said that game play is possible if it is a DRM free version, in case of a user who purchased game titles on CD / DVD physical media, in addition to Windows 10, dual boot of the old OS such as Windows 7 It seems wise to leave it in the environment.

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