Cat catches when trigger catches cat infinite proliferation bazooka "Cat Zuka"

In the world I will release a rare salmon worldwideSalmon CannonAlthough there are things that will be used, fire the cat instead of a new shell "Catzooka (Cat Zuka)"Has appeared. It is a terrible weapon that can catch infinite cats, and mankind may not be able to stop cat invasion anymore.

I can understand what kind of cats zuka is like by seeing the following movie in one shot.

Catzooka - Cat Launcher! - YouTube

The first thing that appears in the movie is one man who wore a black T - shirt and one white cat.

I scanned the white cat with a PC and a barcode reader that is connected via wired cable ... ...

On the PC side I'm going to do some kind of snag.

From the bottom of the table after the work ......

Take out something like a huge bazooka. A cat who did not show any interest at all so far seems to have shown interest in this bazooka and will look back on it.

If men keep up with aim and get aim ... ....

Pounding firing something.

It was a cat that looked like a white cat just scanned that was shot.

In the meantime I shoot the second one.

The second cat gorgeously lands on the kitchen table. As long as you see the light body work, it seems that it is undoubtedly a cat being fired from Cat Zuka.

The third one is toppled directly above.

If it is a usual bazooka, a large hole will be emptied in the ceiling of the house, but cats zuka ...

Before reaching the ceiling, cats will fall out of gravity and fall down.

It is quite a decoy cat.

This dreamlike weapon, Cat Zuka is not a real weapon,@ SuperEpicCatsIs a fictitious weapon appearing in a movie that shot with his own cats Leonard and Avery. @ SuperEpicCats is expelling a lot of other cat movies, and it is only a thing that is irreconcilable to cat lover.

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