Movie that understands dark matter (dark matter) and dark energy (dark energy) in 6 minutes

There are still many things we do not know about in this universe, one of which is "dark matter (dark matter)" and "dark energy (dark energy)" occupying more than 90% of this outer space. At the present time, we know how much we know about dark matter and dark energy, and what we do not know,KurzgesagtIt is summarized as a very easy-to-understand movie.

What is Dark Matter and Dark Energy? - YouTube

"Matter (Matter)" includes atoms, trees, minerals, and even human beings.

Only 5% of "substance" in this universe. The remaining 25% is dark matter and 70% is dark energy. Dark matter and dark energy can not be seen.

In other words, the world we see is only a small part of the whole.

However, the identity of dark matter and dark energy is unknown. This movie explains it in a way that is easy to understand.

Dark matter first. The identity is unknown, but it is a necessary substance for the galaxy to exist. By the way, although it is shown in the movie like this, since it is completely unknown what kind of appearance it is actually, it is an image to the last.

Calculating the structure of the galaxy, we know that ordinary "material" is not enough.

The stars are scattered only by the gravity of the visible substance and can not form a galaxy.

So there is something dark matter, dark matter, that does not pass light and does not reflect either.

Dark matter seems to have a gravitational force to bend the nearby light when dense.

About dark matter at the present time, I know some things that "dark matter is not a kore".

First, because it can not be detected, we know that it is not a particle cloud.

Also, I know that it is not antimatter (antimatter) because it does not emit gamma rays.

Although it affects the surroundings, it is not as influential as the black hole, so it is not a black hole.

"1: There is something" "2: Have something like gravity" "3: There are many things" is the feature of dark matter.

It may be an unknown particle that does not receive light, but it is unknown at this time.

Next is dark energy. This is also an image figure because it is unidentified, but I do not know what it is more than dark matter.

"Undetectable" "Can not measure" "Dare not taste" is dark energy. However, it certainly has been affected.

In 1929, astronomer Edwin Hubble examined the wavelength of the light arriving from the galaxy and found a phenomenon biased toward the red. thisRed shiftIs larger for distant galaxies and smaller for closer galaxies.

Hubble concluded that "the universe is expanding." It is the idea that the wavelength of light has increased and the color has changed as the space spreads.

Recent observations indicate that the expansion of the universe is progressing at an accelerating pace.

In the past, it was thought that expansion of the universe gradually slowed and eventually contracted.

Space spreads without changing property, just space. In this illustration, the two stars are drawn at positions where the squares are separated by six.

It does not change that the squares are six, but as one square (space) spreads, the distance gets farther. Because the strong gravity works in the galaxy, we do not feel that the space is expanding, but in reality the new space is always born being born.

I do not know if dark energy is the nature of space, but this dark energy has more power than all the substances.

It is said that there are several theories.

One is the theory that "dark energy is the nature of space". With the idea that energy exists in the space itself and actively acting ... ....

Space increases as the universe spreads, and acceleration is thought to be born.

This is called Einstein's "force against gravity"Cosmological constantIt is close to the concept of.

The problem is that if you try to calculate the result will be wrong.

Another theory is that the space is full of particles that are born and appears and disappears soon, which is whether it is energy.

Also, there is a theory that dark energy is an unknown force full of the universe, which is different from normal force.

However, there is no way to ascertain its existence.

The theory is still only a theory.

If we know about this ... ...

There are many more things we do not know.

Furthermore, there should be more "unknown things that you do not realize that you do not know ...".

"In the broad universe, humans are monkeys with smartphones and I am surprised to look up at the sky from the small island of the remote area.I have much to learn but it is wonderful," the movie is closed I will.

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