The idea that "genius is a madman" is only an urban legend

People who have left great achievements in history may be described as "genius" because they are barely able to understand by an ordinary person or are full of creativity. The ability of a genius that exerts a level of power that can not be understood by an ordinary person sometimes can be linked to mental illness, but a movie that wonders about the idea that "genius is a madman"Why the "mad genius" is a myth"Has been released.

Why the "mad genius" is a myth - YouTube

'Mad genius' no more: the genetic link between creativity and psychosis is pretty weak | The Verge

Composer'sRobert SchumannAnd painter'sVincent van GoghIs an owner of superb creativity and a man who can be seen as a genius from people by building a new field with great achievement. Actually, these two people have something in common in addition to creativity (creativity) and genius.

The commonality between the two means that there are some experts who think that "two people were bipolar disorder, so-called depression".

Some researchers claim that there was a relationship between the talent that Schumann and Van Gogh had and that depression. Specifically, it is said that genetic information creativity coded parts and depression symptoms are not identical.

It seems that this claim is the source of the word "mad genius" that "mad scientist" does not come.

For example, a study that "writers tend to be suffering from depression or schizophrenia is more common than general people" was published in Sweden, and geneticists in Iceland "have genetic relationships to depression and creativity There is data such as to prove Mad Genius, such as the research result that there is "is announced.

However, there are also some experts who dispute about Mad Genius, one of which is Associate Professor David Cutler of the Department of Human Genetics at Emory University.

Associate Professor Cutler said the probability that humans develop schizophrenia due to genetic variation when viewed at the gene level is 6%.

On the other hand, the probability of having creativity is only 0.25%. In other words, the probability of creativity, schizophrenia, and depression caused by genes is extremely low, and it seems that there is a little impossible to deal with as academic research.

Also, in research results on Mad Genius, there are many times that "people with creative power" is defined as "actors, dancers, musicians, visual artists, writers" and so on.

However, in fact, engineers and ...


Drivers and ......

There are a lot of people who have creativity among people who are not professional arts like teachers.

It is also true that there are artists who do not have creativity.

On the other hand, there are people who invent programmable products to programmers, this is also true. It is not easy for such people to be included in the subjects of research and experiments dealing with Mad Genius, and it is inevitable to question whether the research results are correct or not.

Given "Low probability of being caused by genes" and "Mad Genius subject subjects not including people other than artistic field", it is impossible to say that "genius is a crazy person" There is. According to The Verge, it seems that there are people who believe that persuasive power is born in the idea of ​​Mad Genius because the person who is too genius goes beyond the general level of understanding of people. Perhaps it is lacking respect for those who tidy up people called geniuses with one word of Mad Genius.

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