A movie of the "Milky Way" filmed with superb beauty quality like a CG

Even though I thought to see the Milky Way with the naked eye it is difficult to see clearly the clouds born from gas and dust. So that is the infrared space telescopeSpitzer Space TelescopeAn amazing Milky Way movie made by synthesizing more than 400,000 pictures recorded by the Milky Way has been released.

Floating Along the Milky Way (in 4k 60p) - YouTube

You can see the sparkling stars and the nebula in red, blue and white.

A camera moving slowly.

There was also a bright place where something was about to be born.

Close-up. A star like a jewel is scattered all over the screen ......

It is possible to overlook the appearance of the Milky Way when zooming out.

The camera is running steadily ......

The end is the state of the Milky Way seen from the ground.

In addition, daveachuk who created the movie uploaded a high-quality version of the movie released on YouTubeSelling for 2 dollars (about 250 yen)is. The high-quality version that can be downloaded from the website below is 6 to 10 times the picture quality of YouTube's movie, which makes it possible to see clearer and beautiful images.

Daveachuk videos

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