"Adobe should announce the date of the end of Flash," Facebook security official said

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Oversee the security department on FacebookAlex StaymosIt turned out that Mr. Speaking on Twitter "Adobe should announce the date of the end of Flash". A vulnerability has been discovered in Adobe's Flash Player from one to the next, and dissatisfaction seems to have been raised in the security-related community.

Facebook's new chief security officer wants to set a date to kill Flash | The Verge

One of the reasons for Mr. Stemos's remarks is that on June 25, zero-day vulnerability where PC control is hacked by hackers on Windows · Mac OS X · Linux PC with "Adobe Flash Player" installed It turned out that there was.

Flash Player found that the violent vulnerability to be hijacked by PC, Adobe is distributing urgent patch - GIGAZINE

Also on July 8, Italian security company "Hacking Team" was hacked attack, 400 GB of internal materials leaked out on the net. From the internal document, it became clear that Hacking Team knew a different zero day vulnerability than the above which Adobe did not grasp.

Counterfeit hacking to the government selling nationwide spyware for the government, 400 GB internal information leaked on the net - GIGAZINE

In January and February 2015, Adobe is carrying out an emergency update as a serious vulnerability was found in Adobe Flash Player, and Ms. Stimos said that it took a series of these flows . Mr. Staem's actual remarks are as follows. "It's time for Adobe to tell you the date of the end of Flash and set the Kill bit for the browser" "The only way to solve ecosystem upgrades and dependencies in the ecosystem at the same time in the next 18 months is to set a date for termination That's it.

However, this is not the first time for Antipathy to Adobe. In 2010, a letter Steve Jobs talked about Flash "Thoughts on Flash"The first place to crash the Mac is Flash" and pointed out the large number of Flash security holes. It seems that Thoughts on Flash says that Flash is "one of the products won the worst security award in 2009".

Security and blogger Graham Kluulay also agreed with Mr. Stimos, "rather than clinging to the idea that" someday Flash security will be perfect ", if you do the final adjustment to solve problems Adobe We will be more respectful from the Internet community. "comment. In January 2015YouTube defaults movie playback in HTML5 instead of FlashBecause some SMEs rely on Adobe, Staymos also decided "not to stop providing Flash now" instead of "deciding the date of the end", HTML5 with enhanced security It seems to be thought that should gradually shift to.

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