Photograph collection which synthesized several pieces of photograph material and made manga and animation real life

at a glance"Street Fighter"Or"Frozen"CinderellaAlthough it seems like a poster that games, manga and animation works officially turned into live-action images, etc. actually, how many sheetsStock photoA synthetic photograph series that is made using. Since the photographic materials used together with the finished work are also made public, what can and can be confirmed that how high-quality synthetic photographs can be made ... ....

Sexy heroines made by Americans Wazamae Live Recording Cola

Brief description stock (stock photo) Joined ceremonial super shin imagination art! | Pocket Papers Photoblog - New novelty and favorite inquiries queries, Akira Takumi theory

For example,Elsa of "Anna and the Snow Queen". As I looked at it, I think that the background is synthesized, but ....

Actually, I use only these photos to create a composite picture. Even if you look only at the head, face, bangs, sideways, and braids Combine all the different pictures, and apply various processing such as changing the angle of parts, reversing, etc, such as body / dress / hand / snow crystal I'm using.

Sexy Snow White and the Seven DwarfsThe

Like this. Snow White is a fusion of four women, and they were made from middle-aged men and boys and children who are not like dwarfs at all.

continue,Sakura Kasuga of "Street Fighter".

Sakura synthesizes the mouth of a woman holding a megaphone on the face of a shortcut woman. It shows the appearance of reversing the athlete's body jumping and kicking vigorously and contains a mysterious catch phrase "Young and talented SAKURA street fighter".

In addition, the author Jeff Chapman has created many other synthetic photos, and you can see the works from below.

Jeffach's DeviantArt Gallery

Chunri of the street fighter

The picture of Chunri is made from the following stock photos.

body:Woman Karate Picture Material 41539534: Shutterstock

arm:Beautiful Hispanic Woman Flexing And Showing Her Fists Picture Material 47834908: Shutterstock

face:Woman Shouting / Screaming Isolated Portrait In Profile. Asian Woman Isolated On White Background. Photo material 54404923: Shutterstock

Head:Asian Woman Profile. Smiling Young Beautiful Asian Woman Close Up Face Isolated On White Background. Photo Material 138398489: Shutterstock

clothes:Pretty Asian Woman With Chinese Traditional Dress Cheongsam Or Qipao Finger Pointing At Blank Copy Space. Chinese New Year Concept, Female Model Isolated On White Background. Photo Material 151986212: Shutterstock

Street fighter poison

The picture materials used in the poison are as follows.

face:Young Cute Woman Picture Material 64980598: Shutterstock

Chest:Sexy Model With Wet And Dirty Skin And Hair Picture Material 40440076: Shutterstock

Left arm:Young Woman In Fighting Stance On White Background Picture Material 144106780: Shutterstock

Right arm:Hand With Clenched A Fist, Isolated On A White Background Picture Material 153365339: Shutterstock

abdomen:Attractive In Shape Woman Laughing Picture Material 95151808: Shutterstock

leg:Fitness Woman Ballet Pictures Material 106188119: Shutterstock

Street fighter Cammy

Cammy is made up of three older sisters.

body:Fitness Woman In Bikini Isolated On White Background Picture Material 129140036: Shutterstock

leg:Dancer Picture Material 56954140: Shutterstock

face:Attractive Blonde Fighter Girl, Studio Shot, Cross Processed Picture Material 75102223: Shutterstock

sleeping beauty

Including not only people but small articles and background, the material used is 16 in all. To the prince was actually a character of the game, not a picture.

Head / Arm:Portrait Of Young Beautiful Sleeping Woman Picture Material 117473476: Shutterstock

Chest:Pretty Young Redhead In A Union Jack Corset Picture Material 129266669: Shutterstock

arm:Lazy Beautiful Woman In Bed Stretching And Yawns Picture Material 42335731: Shutterstock

leg:Sexy Nude Woman Body (Legs) On Wooden Flor Pictures 170977646: Shutterstock

corset:Pink Corset Picture Material 72894301: Shutterstock

dress:African American Female Model Portrait Low Key On Gray Background Wearing Red Dress Picture Material 114910333: Shutterstock

Owl:Owl With Large Exposure Plumage In Birds Of Prey, Animals Picture Material 151718807: Shutterstock

Squirrel:Gray Squirrel On A White Background Picture Material 125748812: Shutterstock

Close Up Of Silk Textured Cloth Background Picture Material 103578551: Shutterstock

Pink Silk Background. Texture. Close Up. Whole Background. Photo material 172427285: Shutterstock

Pillow With White Pillow Case On White Background Picture Material 114865957: Shutterstock

prince:Krakow - August 02: Annual Medieval Summer Festival In The Barbican A Fortified Outpost Once Connected To The City Walls. Krakow, Poland On August 02, 2012. Picture Material 156714635: Shutterstock

Macro Of Zizyphus Jujuba Bur Twig Isolated On White Picture Material 134123315: Shutterstock

Bush Of Crusty Dry Tumble Weed; Isolated On White Picture Material 33807784: Shutterstock

Rose Hips With Leaves Pictures Material 157586783: Shutterstock

A Long Stem Rose Pictures Material 86494384: Shutterstock


Cinderella has a total of 14 materials used. Cinderella was a combination of seven women such as body, face, right arm, left arm, leg.

body:Pretty Young Redhead In A Union Jack Corset Picture Material 129266660: Shutterstock

Head:Thinking Businesswoman Picture Material 26057491: Shutterstock

Model Released. Happy Young Woman Short Mini Dress Picture Material 148671215: Shutterstock

Young Attractive Woman In A Long Elegant Dress, Wearing Colorful Makeup And Flowers In Her Hair, Pulling Her Dress To A Side Picture Material 151174718: Shutterstock

Sexy Brunette Woman In Blue Corset And Stockings Posing Against Wall With Fancy Print Stock Photography 162455450: Shutterstock

Full Length Picture Of A Young Fashion Woman Holding Her Dress With Both Hands While Smiling For The Camera. On Gray Background Picture Material 154027436: Shutterstock

Luxury Beautiful Young Woman In A Long Evening Dress. Beauty Girl In Flying Long Silk Dress Pictures 170917160: Shutterstock

Art Portrait Of A Magical Woman In Vintage Dress On The Red Background Material 160807931 Shutterstock

Angry Girl In The Retro Style Of Talking On The Antique Phone Picture Material 166184834: Shutterstock

Stockholm, Sweden - August 2: Honor Guard In Center of City On August 2, 2012 In Stockholm Picture Material 152874851: Shutterstock

Stockholm, Sweden - August 8: Royal Guard Protecting Royal Palace In Stockholm On August 8, 2005. The Life Guards Is A Combined Cavalry Infantry Regiment Of The Swedish Army Founded In 1521 Picture Material 136721336: Shutterstock

Zurich - August 1: Zurich City Orchestra In Traditional Costumes Openning The Swiss National Day Parade On August 1, 2009 In Zurich, Switzerland. Pictures Material 113863174: Shutterstock

Royal Palace:
Reggia Di Caserta (Caserta Royal Palaca), Italy. Luxury Interior, More Than 300 Years Old Picture Material 96180140: Shutterstock

Antique, Decor For Floor Or Wall Picture Material 132478508: Shutterstock

Spider woman

The material used in the spider woman who made the American cinema real live is as follows.

body:Beautiful Fitness Woman Wearing A Bikini Picture Material 191442281: Shutterstock

Head:Portrait Of A Young Beautiful Serious Woman In Profile Pictures Material 203640211: Shutterstock

hand:Young And Attractive Modern Dancer Picture Material 118051045: Shutterstock

hair:Portrait - Woman With Long Brown Hair Picture Material 13682098: Shutterstock

hair:Beautiful Young Brunette Woman With Long Black Curly Hair Posing At Studio Picture Material 172128548: Shutterstock

background:Beautiful Young Brunette Woman With Long Black Curly Hair Posing At Studio Picture Material 172128548: Shutterstock

In addition to this, Mr. Chapman has been making live actions of many works such as American chefs in the same way,It has become superbly wonderful.

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