SpaceX's Falcon 9 Launch Vehicle Explosion Explosive in the Air Failure High Definition Movie Is Available on YouTube

"Development and launch of rockets and spacecraft as private enterprises"SpaceX(Space X) "is a reusable launch vehicle under development"Falcon 9After explosion with a refueling ship, it exploded in the air and became dust and disappeared.

SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket explodes after liftoff - YouTube

This is a reusable launch vehicle "Falcon 9"

The movie starts just before Falcon 9's rocket ignites.

Falcon 9 going up to the sky slowly and vertically

Tentatively I just went right after launch.

Flying quickly ...

It will soar through the clouds and fly into the sky.

At the bottom of the rocket, the character "SPACEX"

After flying for a while, something like gas is jetted from the tip of the rocket.

And gradually the flame spewing from the rocket gets bigger ... ...

A lot of smoke also spurt.

And the rocket explodes.

At the beginning, the big smoke spreads as "bokhu", but the explosive flame is seen and hidden from among them.

And then I breathed out a lot more smoke and the rocket became invisible at all.

Even from such smoke, I can see a big flame of fire.

Smoke gradually becomes smaller ... ...

An even bigger explosion occurred.

The rocket fragments begin to fall off from the smoke ... ...

When the smoke was clear, the appearance of the rocket disappeared without a trace.

Upon failure of Falcon 9's launch, Ellon Mask CEO of Space X said tweeting that "it detected excess pressure in the liquid oxygen tank in the upper unit" and that this is all of the information I can say with confidence at the moment , We are committed to trying to investigate the cause.

In response to launch failures of MicrosoftSatya NaderaThe CEO complains frankly as "the universe is difficult ...".

This launch is the launch of a supply ship entrusted with space X from NASA, and the same launch has been carried out for the eighth time including the exam so far. Although all the launches of the past seven times have been successful, this time Falcon 9 which flew away from Cape Canaveral base station in the state of Florida, USA will explode in the air after about 2 minutes from the launch.

In addition, at the time of the launch, Falcon 9 was scheduled to carry the meteor observation camera system "Chao Tei" developed by Chiba Institute of Technology to space, but details of the transport machine which loaded the meteor because the rocket exploded was unknown Leave as it is. Tomoko Arai, a senior researcher at the Chiba Institute of Technology's planetary exploration research center who was watching the launch situation at the site,Since the rocket blew from the orbit for safety, the transport itself could be safe and will be collected at sea from nowAlthough it seems to have received the explanation that it was explained in October 2014, since the supply line carrying the meteor had exploded immediately after launch, it states "unbelievable feeling" and a frank impression after the explosion.

Journalist Miles O'Brien said that "Dragon (transport machine) capsules seemed to have been released from Falcon 9, and reports that the Dragon's parachute did not expand so far".

· 2015/06/30 9:10 Addendum
Chiba Institute of Technology has released Falcon 9's launch failure, and is currently investigating whether NASA can collect meteor observation camera system "Meteor" or not. In addition, it seems that it was working as a spare machine as it did at the time of last meteoric transport failure, so it is possible to challenge the launch immediately.

Failure to launch a US rocket carrying the meteor observation camera "Meteor" ISS - Chiba Institute of Technology

According to the explanation of the site, it is said that the commander destroyed as the Falcon rocket's orbit shifted. However, there is a possibility that the replenishment machine "Dragon" has fallen to the Atlantic Ocean, so information that NASA is able to recover is also flowing.

Even in the unlikely event of destroying, we are preparing spare aircraft this time as well as at the time of the previous launch, and as a university we aim to re-challenge promptly as soon as the next launch is decided.

· Additional notes 2015/07/21 14: 20
Space X's Earlon Mask CEO revealed that the Falcon 9 launch vehicle's launch failure that occurred on June 28 in local time seems to be caused by the failure of the support in the liquid oxygen tank at the top of the rocket. The broken pillar is one of the things to support the inner tank, designed to withstand the pressure of 10,000 pounds (about 4500 kg), but in the event of an accident it was damaged at a pressure of 2000 pounds (about 900 kg) It has become obvious that I got it. Also, it seems that there was a problem with the support even in the past launch, but it is still unclear why the strut could not bear the load even now.

Since the survey is still early in the space X, we are continuing to investigate avoiding to conclude that the damage of the support is the cause of the rocket explosion.

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