"JScreenFix" to repair defects of liquid crystal display for free

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When using the liquid crystal display, in rare cases the dot is not lit "Dead pixel"And continue to light in the same color"Stack pixel"May occur in some cases. Trying at such times may cause dots to revive "JScreenFix"is.

JScreenFix - Pixel Repair

JScreenFix is ​​a service that software version was once released, but on this site it is possible to use the same function free of charge using HTML 5 and JavaScript.

Dead pixels and stack pixels are phenomena in which small dots making up the liquid crystal panel disappear or are fixed in one color. Although it may be unnoticed because it is a very small dot, it is better for you to fix it sooner as it becomes more and more bothersome as you worry.

JScreenFix is ​​basically anything as long as it is a terminal equipped with a liquid crystal display or organic EL display. However, although HTML5 and JavaScript compatible browsers are necessary, if you prepare even that, you can use it for free, and the operation is easy to just click the button. Click or tap "Launch JScreenFix" at the bottom of the page to go to the repair screen.

On the destination page, a window appeared oddly with a strangely colorful pattern in a black screen.

When you enlarge the window, the detailed pattern is displayed as gissish like this. By continuing to blink this pattern rapidly and rapidly, "stimulation" is given to the liquid crystal dots, and it is a mechanism that improves the state where the color was stuck and disappeared. Also, it is convenient that the background is black so it is easier to find dead dots and stack dots.

As you can see from that mechanism, repair of JScreenFix is ​​to say "to stimulate the display which happened to be wrong by chance, return it to its original", and attention to the point that it is impossible to repair dot missing due to physical damage Is required. According to the explanation of the site, since the playback rate of defective dots using this service is over 60%, it may be useful to remember if you remember it.

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