What is a muddle play about monopoly roots with enthusiasts all over the world?

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Everyone has heard the name without having played "Monopoly"Is a board game released by Parker Brothers in 1935. It is a monopoly in which young and old and young girls can play casually without too complicated rules, but the circumstances that were too complicated were hidden in the background from the birth of the board game to the launch.

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It was in 1935 that Monopoly was generally released as a game, and a company that sells is a company called Parker Brothers. What became the basis of Monopoly was "The Landlord's Game(Landowner game) "in the game, this isElizabeth Maggie (Lizzie Maggie)The thing that the person who made and sold in 1904 sells. The Landlord's Game has gained popularity in Mr. McGee's local, and Mr. Maggie got patents for games.

For McGee to make The Landlord's Game there is a reason to want to show a posture against the social situation at the time monopolizing the capital. For that reason, The Landlord's Game has a rule similar to the current monopoly who monopolizes capital as the winner, and a rule opposite to the current monopoly that someone gains capital and distributes to all participants , It seems that 2 sets were included.

The Landlord's Game is said to have been named "Auction Mnopoly" as the reputation is being conveyed from person to person, eventually becoming called "Monopoly" as it is now. Even though Mr. Maggie got a patent, there were also other games of the same name and things that changed rules and names until they were released.

Although similar games were sold, Maggie was unquestionably the inventor of The Landlord's Game, the source of monopoly. However, the explanation of Monopoly that Parker Brothers sold for the first time to the general public in 1935 said "Charles Darrow has occurred since 1929The Great DepressionIt was written that it was made wealthy during the period. " When Monopoly was picked up in a magazine of the time, Mr. Darrow was written as an inventor of Monopoly and will be known to the general public as a wealthy gifted rumor that is not defeated even by the Great Depression.

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This Mr. Darrow is a person who sold "Monopoly" to Parker Brothers, but Mr. Darrow did not sell Mr. Maggie, but there was also a complicated background.

A student named Dan Layman at Williams College who was playing The Landlord's Game changed the rules of The Landlord's Game to "FINANCE"We released the game under the name of. Mr. Darrow, who taught that FINANCE from her acquaintance, showed interest from the moment he first saw it and asked him to give a copy of his rules to the acquaintance.

After that, Mr. Darrow created a private monopoly with further modifications to FINANCE rules whose rules were changed from The Landlord's Game, and released it by independent production. Although Monopoly released by Mr. Darrow will gain popularity in a blink of an eye, it will be difficult to judge large orders and will talk about selling to Parker Brothers himself.

Although Parker Brothers was interested in Monopoly brought in by Mr. Darrow, he showed difficulty in length of play time and complicated rules, negotiations broke down. However, Parker Brothers, who heard about Monopoly's selling soaring in popularity so far, asked Mr. Darrow to make a reverse offer and added that the rule was added to reduce the time to talk about it.

In other words, the monopoly which was sold for the first time in the world is Maggie 's The Landlord' s Game as it follows the original, but it is a version that has been repeatedly modified after the modification. This story never goes to light, and as it is written in the general public in general, the story that "Mr. Darrow is the originator of monopoly" is widely believed.

Monopoly sold by Parker Brothers calls up the topic in the United States and it produces 20 thousand pieces each week at the beginning. In the United States, the popularity of monopoly does not know where to stay, and Parker Brothers got copyright of the game in 1936 to sell Monopoly even in the UK, it will clear up and sell out overseas. In this way Mr. Maggie did not know much about the existence of Mr. Maggie who created the game which becomes the origin of monopoly, Mr. Maggie passed away in 1948.

By being sold outside the United States, Monopoly gains popularity worldwide, but one problem arises. In 1973 an economist named Ralph AnspachAnti-monopoly"The board game released. Naturally, Parker Brothers, the copyright holder of Monopoly, tried to oppose Mr. Anspach in search of inaction for suspension as Anti Monopoly infringed the trademark right.

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Mr. Anspach sued was collected and investigated all materials on monopoly. As a result, we arrived at Mr. Maggie, not Mr. Darrow, who invented the board game which is the origin of Monopoly sold to Parker Brothers. Mr. Anspach submitted a story of a person who has played The Landlord's Game and a document summarizing it in a trial. Parker Brothers, however, acquired The Landlord's Game's patent that Mr. McGee was acquiring and had also purchased FINANCE and other similar board games that were derived from The Landlord's Game.

The amount paid by Parker Brothers to Mr. Maggie was about 500 dollars, and the condition included that the name and rule of The Landlord's Game were not modified. Mr. Maggie is very positive regarding the sale, and the reason is that it was because a lot of people were able to play by being released from a big publishing company.

However, as for the patents of the United States, since the period until the late end of either "20 years from the date of filing" or "17 years from the date of grant" is the term of validity, Mr. Anspach, sued, said, "Monopoly is in the public domain There is a problem of the trial and it moves to whether monopoly is public domain or not.

ByTori Rector

Mr. Anspach and Parker Brothers trial lasted ten years and Parker Brothers fearing that the monopoly roots are spreading to the world differently than those believed in the general public is a fairly favorable condition for Anspach Although he presented, he rejected it. Ultimately, Parker Brothers will maintain the trademark of Monopoly and will be allowed to sell anti-monopoly under its license.

It is publicly known that Mr. Maggie is the original creator of Monopoly as a book on which a trial was written continued to be released or an article was posted in a magazine, but the book closing the roots of Monopoly According to the author, it seems that reality is that many people have not been acknowledged.

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