Finally a large 512 GB microSD card appeared in July 2015

With the microSD card size, the world's largest capacity 512 GB model will be available in July 2015MicrodiaIt turned out to be released from.SanDisk Announces 200GB MicroSD Card in March 2015Although it was, the model released from Microdia this time is expected to be the world's largest capacity model boasting capacity more than double.

Microdia crams 512GB into a microSD card, out in July - CNET

Currently, the IT trade fair held in TaiwanCOMPUTEX TAIPEI 2015"When Microdia releases 512 GB microSD card" Xtra Elite 512 GB "which is the world's largest capacity in July 2015CNETHe told me that. Xtra Elite 512 GB is Ultra High Speed ​​(UHS) II compatible, maximum transfer speed is 300 MB / s. In addition, it is likely that there were no sample items and only packages were exhibited in the actual COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2015 venue.

For those who say that no matter how much capacity they have, such as photographers and lovers of action cameras such as GoPro regardless of amateurs, updating the world's largest capacity of microSD cards seems good news. However, according to Microdia, 512 GB of Xtra Elite is expected to be about 1000 dollars (about 120,000 yen), so it can not be said that the price is easily handy.

Because the upper limit of the size of the microSD card which achieved the capacity increase to 512 GB has become 2 TB (2000 GB) on the SDXC standard, as long as there is a voice for rich media in the future, development competition of a further large capacity model It seems to continue.

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