Explain "why PowerPoint should be banned" in PowerPoint

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PowerPoint developed in 1987 as of 2015Install on more than 1 billion devices estimatedIt is a synonym for slides used in presentations. On one handFermi National Accelerator Research Institute prohibits the use of PowerPoint in a presentationIn Switzerland, "Antipowapo partiesIt is also true that voices opposed to the situation that is overwhelming with PowerPoint are raised, such as there is. So the Washington Post has released a slide of PowerPoint that explained "Why should PowerPoint be banned?"

PowerPoint should be banned. This PowerPoint presentation explains why. - The Washington Post

It is estimated that PowerPoint slides are used in more than 3000 presentations everyday worldwide, but Washington Post reporters point out that PowerPoint's problems are "Slide is being simplified too much", dialogue and "Loss of learning opportunities" due to difficulties in discussion are cited. Washington Post reporters point out that there are merits for making presentation materials and making it possible, but it also contributes to the creation of a handmade report.

The title of the slide created to solve such a problem is "ban on PowerPoint". I am using PowerPoint to explain why we need to ban PowerPoint.

As PowerPoint is "the worst sinner", I gathered bad examples of slides by PowerPoint actually used.

The following is a slide that explained NSA's eavesdropping system "PRISM". It is described as "confusing and distracting, difficult to read, futile".

On the slide of the Afghanistan strategy released by the New York Times, "Around the time you understand the content of this slide, the US Army Commander who served as the commander of the stationed troops in Afghan that we already had the victory in hand"Stanley Ma CrystalMr.'s comment has been added, and it is very difficult to trace the line with a very rough slide.

Then with the World BankUnited Nations Conference on Trade and DevelopmentOn the slide of UNCTAD, "PowerPoint slide is not a report" is written. It points out that the purpose of use is shifted because it is necessary to look through all the sentences and charts that are described.

The last example was a large-scale hurricane "Hurricane KatrinaAlthough it is a slide showing the relief activity of ", it is unknown what the inserted circle also represents, even if you look closely, the color coding of the lower left annotation is not on the map. The reporter commented as "completely incomprehensible".

In addition, military organizations and others often adopt PowerPoint as the status report format, but the CIA banned PowerPoint for submitting the report, and the US Secretary of DefenseAshton CarterHe said that he banned the use of PowerPoint to promote dialogue at the Kuwait summit.

Besides, there are an increasing number of people who recommend the prohibition of the use of PowerPoint from US military and American politicians, and opponents say "PowerPoint is dangerous, because" understanding of vision "and" control of vision " It is because it creates a voice.

The reason why PowerPoint is dangerous is due to "bullets" which are common in PowerPoint as shown below. Although it seems that it seems to be clustered clean at first glance, it is not suitable for deriving an accurate conclusion when writing complicated information in bullets.

It is used as an example in 2003Colombia mid-air disassembly accidentSlide that was actually used at NASA when it occurred.

The Colombia that damaged the left wing leading edge waited for instructions on the earth's orbit for two weeks, and in order to examine whether the Colombian can withstand the atmospheric inrush, the following aircraft speed was calculated A bulleted slide was used. The upper side of the slide has been summarized with an optimistic outlook that "there is no problem in rushing", and the reference to safety is stated on the lower side. NASA decided that 'Colombian entry into the atmosphere is safe', but the Colombian issue that was instructed will be disintegrated in the air with reentry and the tragedy that seven crew members will lose their lives I invited you.

Also, on the slide "If the PowerPoint disappears from the Ministry of Defense?", The advantages of "improving the quality of the report" and "motivation improving" are mentioned, saving the time required to create PowerPoint He said that he will be able to spend time on different tasks.

How big corporations capture PowerPoint, Amazon and LinkedIn prohibit the use of PowerPoint in presentations made at conferences. Even in the place where presenters like TED gather, we tend to devote more time to speeches than to slide.

Although PowerPoint is convenient in this way, on the other hand, if you use it in a presentation, you only understand the content, it has the disadvantage that it is hard to convey to the audience. Finally, as a fact that I was able to learn from the presentation example using PowerPoint, "I do not presentate for the audience but for the audience," "PowerPoint does not use in the presentation", "Watch the eyes of the audience" Time is priceless "and" If anything to say can not be found, nothing can help with any tool "is mentioned.

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