Why is there more than 2000 languages ​​in Africa?

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56 countriesIn Africa, which is composed of one-seventh of the world population, the number of languages ​​used is very large, and even if it is confirmed it has more than 2000. On the other hand, there are only about 300 languages ​​in Europe where one-eighth of the entire population gather. CSMonitor has released a variety of theories on why in Africa more than six times the language of Europe is being spoken.

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◆ Relationship with genetic diversity
The human body consists of a tremendous number of cells, and chromosomes and genes are present in each cell. The gene is made of macromolecular DNA, and the genes of all the cells in the individual are the same. There is no individual with the same DNA unless it is a clone, that is, every human being on Earth has different DNA.

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When you examine genes in many individuals and populations, if genes are rich, the genes become more diverse. There are believers who believe that this genetic difference is called "genetic diversity" and that it is largely related to the number of African languages.

The University of Pennsylvania Biology and GeneticsSarah TishkoffAccording to the professor, many studies have been done to compare genetic diversity in areas other than Africa and Africa, but all studies have shown that genetic diversity is more pronounced in Africa , The gene of people living in Africa is the most diverse in the world.


Let's suppose that mankind was born in Africa in the theory of natural anthropologyAfrican single origin theoryTogether with African single origin theory and African genetic diversity, Professor Tishkoff said, "Since humanity was born, to Africa until now, not only genes but also the time to raise the diversity of languages ​​and cultures There was "There is a claim that the number of languages ​​in Africa is related to genetic diversity.

On the other hand, there are scholars who claim that there is no strong correlation between gene and language diversity in Africa.

Relationship with the environment and politics
The University of Chicago's evolution linguistSalikoko MufweneProfessor is one of the scholars who argues that Africa's languages ​​are related to the environment and politics. According to Professor Mufwene, the leaders of the European countries who were the cultural integration theorists could possibly have been promoting politics in the direction of losing the language spoken only to a few people, which caused the languages ​​many in Europe to disappear He said that he might have done it.

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In Africa, successive leaders did not fuse diversified culture into one, but rather advanced politics in the direction of conservation, so few languages ​​disappear as in Europe, resulting in over 2000 languages It seems there is a possibility that it exists.

Relationship with immigrants
Not surprisingly the number of languages ​​is extensively studied from the number of lost languages ​​to the mystery of African languages. Researchers Jonathan Loh and David Harmon investigated the proportion of extinct languages ​​in the languages ​​of Africa and Oceania as a whole, while in Africa 13% of the population is at risk of annihilation, In Australia it turned out that 60% are in danger of annihilation.

In response to a large difference in the proportion of the nearly extinct language in Africa and Australia, Mr. Loh said, "Both regions have a past that was dominated by European countries as colonies. During the colonial period Many people emigrated to Australia, but they did not migrate to Africa. " Following the European colonial policy, Australia made a great development with reference to the European economic model.

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On the other hand, Africa said that because of a small number of immigrants from Europe, it has advanced in a different direction from Australia. Because of this, they said, "Because Africa did not move in the same direction as Europe, unification of languages ​​does not proceed and even languages ​​spoken by a few people still exist."

There are various theories, but there are many studies on the languages ​​of Africa, and expectations are gained from elucidating the mystery.

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