Innovative printing technology "Computational Hydrographic Printing" that enables hydraulic transfer to a three-dimensional object precisely and accurately

"Water Pressure Transfer" which submerges a three-dimensional object on a special film floating in water and prints a uniform design with the force of water pressure is from the mugCar WheelAlthough it is known as a method that can print up to, it was sometimes impossible to transfer accurately if it is a solid object with many irregularities. Therefore, by creating a symbol using a 3D model, outputting a film, and controlling printing with a computer, it was possible to achieve surprisingly precise and accurate hydraulic transferComputational Hydrographic Printing"is.

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It is possible to confirm from the following movie how to actually perform hydraulic transfer.

Computational Hydrographic Printing (SIGGRAPH 2015) - YouTube

The usual hydraulic transfer technology looks like the following. First, I will float the special film containing the design on the water.

Bring an object there ... ...

It sinks into film for the first time.

Because water pressure is applied equally, it is possible to transfer the design neatly to the surface of the object without entering air or wrinkles, but because it is done manually, it is fine to have this pattern on it Setting could not be done.

Therefore, the research team of Columbia University developed a hydraulic transfer device using a computer. Two tripods are arranged, and a cruciform device is installed on it.

Attach the object you want to print on the device.

Virtual simulation is carried out on computers in advance, as follows, as to which part of the film is transferred to the object in what form.

Calculate from it and create a picture.

Just like traditional hydrostatic transfer, when you sink an object by floating the film on the water surface ... ...

It is possible to print according to the irregularities of the face.

What is in the lower right is a digital model created by a computer before actually printing, but you can see that printing is done with considerable accuracy even if you compare it.

In addition, it is also possible to print all over the three-dimensional object by performing hydraulic transfer multiple times. First, face.

Right side of the body.

If you also print the left side ... ...

An ornament of a leopard pattern cat is completed.

Behind the scenes.

I can print without gaps from anywhere.

Besides this, zebra and ...

Artistic rabbit.

Elephant mugs etc.

Human face.

It is easy to make the globe etc.

Because the computer creates and outputs graphics and prints automatically, you can easily perform hydraulic transfer without having any special technique. Currently 3D printers and milling plates for home use are on sale, but if Computational Hydrographic Printing is on the market as a home device, hydraulic transfer can be utilized more easily than ever as a simple printing technique It is likely to become.

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