Valuable movie that hermit crabs move in unison at the same time

Hermit crabI will change the seashell that will become a habit to match the growth of my body, but the shells I found will not fit my size. However, appearance of hermit crabs who make a move by giving up a shell that does not match in size and complete a move in a unique wayBBCIt was aired on.

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The empty shells that were in the seawater are carried by the waves ......

Arrived to the sandy beach.

The place we arrived was surrounded by the beautiful sea called "Caribbean jewel"Belize.

What lives here ... ...

Hermit crabs.

A Hermit crab found a large shell that has been brought to the sand. Hermit crabs wear shells to protect themselves from foreign enemies, but as soon as they grow they must change shells according to the size of the body. However, the drifting seashell seems to be a bit too large for the hermit crab found.

Then the hermit crabs who were around and move around.


And we gathered one after another with the drifting shells.

Compete each other's size ......

We will make rows in front of the shells in descending order of size.

The biggest hermit crab came in front of the big seashell, behind it a middle size, a small size hermit crab sticks to the back tail.

Looking from the side like this. However, seashell seems to be too big for Hermit crabs in the front of the row.

There appeared there, ...

Even big hermit crab.

Hermit crabs in the front row give way to the giant hermit crab.

And at the very front of the line ......

Start moving.


The waiting queue behind is like this.

As the big hermit crab moved to a bigger shell, the front lodging is in an empty state. Hermit crabs waiting behind will then spoil the body from the shell.

Hold your body in the seashells of yours and move it is completed.

Moving from one to the next one in a row.

It is getting awesome.

Herited hermit crabs in order, trying to move out that my turn came ... ...

A hindrance appeared from the back.

Hermit crab tried to put her body in the shell ... ...

I will be dragged out.

Hermit crabs whose shells were taken by outlaws who came later and lost a new house. In this way it will become a homeless hermit crab without living.

Hermit crabs that have lost their shells under the strong sunshine of the tropics can not live long. There was no choice but to let go of the shell which the previous hermit crab had thrown out of the hole.

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