I have infiltrated the site setup of the huge event "Nikoniko Super Conference 2015" that reproduces all of Nikoniko in the real world

More than 100,000 people visit the venue for only two days and the users who can not reach the venue of millions of people can not help but watch the event and check the appearance from the Internet on a sequential basis , The biggest event Nikoniko says is "Nikoniko Super Conference 2015"is. Various booths will be set up with the motto "Reproduce all of Nico Nico Douga (on the ground) on the ground"Foods I have never seen are being sold,Apache is being exhibitedAnd its content is exactly chaos. Super meeting will be held at Makuhari Messe International Exhibition Center for two days on Saturday, April 25th and Sunday, 26th (Sunday) in FY2015, so we will infiltrate two days before the big event I caught a glimpse of you.

Nikoniko Super Conference 2015

Preparation for setting up Nikoniko Super Congress 2015 started from around 1 midnight on 23rd August, but how much is the installation going on ...?

Nikoniko Super Conference 2015 will be heldMakuhari MesseIt is about 5 minutes on foot from JR Kaihimakuari Station.

As early as the station, the posters of the super conference are petari.

Arrived at Makuhari Messe after 9 o'clock on the 23rd. There are already some vehicles in Washawashashira group.

I found a ticket vender on the day outside the venue.

A huge cloth is scintillating across the street.

I climbed to such a high place, setting up "something".

I also set cloth tightly stuck on the back side.

The character of "meeting" that can be seen as chilling. What on earth can we do? ...?

So, I will infiltrate the hall and check the setting situation.

First I sneaked in,Ultrasonic Festival 2015The 7th and 8th holes are held. In the stage where most of the booths are not holding hands yet, it is about the situation where we started to set up footing in part.

A clean floor spreads in the 7th hole.

At the 5th holeGrand Sumo Conference Meeting PlaceIt was placed on the ground before the "hanging roof" for hanging was hung.

When coming back after a while, the "hanging roof" was in a suspended state. It seems sumo wrestlers.

Looking at the distance, it looks like this. The ring is not yet set up, and it is going to be made with plenty of soil from now on.

In the fourth hall there are super information andNikoni Stereo Photo HouseScheduled to be completed.

Next to super information infrastructure is a mysterious giant TV-like style framework.

Booths sponsored by exhibitors / exhibitors are aligned in the 1st to 3rd halls ... but there is almost nothing at the moment. As usual, exhibitors' booth establishment seems to be a relatively late start.

When Makuhari Messe is blurred, we found a large group of radio sets. It should be that, and 1,500 people involved in construction are gathering in how to set up.

Bicycle to help stakeholders in the venue with radio. A total of 200 units are prepared and it seems that it is possible to charity inside a large venue.

At the Nikoniko super-conference, new exhibition halls 9, 10, 11 halls and events will be included in the venue from this time and booths will be expanded more extensively.

This is the 9th, 10th and 11th International Exhibition Hall, one of the new event venues.

I encountered a clean-up person who beautifully cleaned the hall.

The inside of the 9th, 10th and 11th hole is like this. As expected it was still in the stage of bringing in the materials.

Something arched standing on the hall. Is it a gate of something?

I found a door that was laid flat. This kind of parts will be joined together at the site and the booth will be completed.

Everyone who is assembling the framework that becomes the foundation of such a booth. Seriously it is working during work, and with this kind of steady work, tens of thousands of users can enjoy the event without hesitation on the event day.

I also came to the event hall that was newly selected as a venue for super conferences. However, this situation is also that most of the establishment is intact and only a few iron pipes and boards are standing.

A white board seen in large quantities inside the hall.

This is written as "Nikoniko Super Conference 2015 Foundation Grand Sumo Tournament Supreme Meeting Location Messe 5H", which means that it is a material used at the Grand Sumo Tournament booth at the 5th hole.

To the pile of corrugated cardboard ......

"White TV - headband" is written. What are you going to do with this massive headband ....

In addition, I found corrugated paper written as "TV-chan Plush Doll 2 S".

When I looked into "what the hell happens here?", They are in the 6th holeSuper salesIt was goods sold at the booth.

With a lot of desks ......

Lots of baggage. Construction workers seem to have been working all night.

When I went out of the hall where I went round the inside of the hall for the moment ... ...

That huge "something" was completed.

A black ring that suddenly appeared in the venue. It's pretty huge but what on earth are you using ....?

At last the soil began to be packed in the middle ring of the Grand Sumo Super Conference place.

A large amount of soil is carried by a forklift, and it shows the power of the machine.

Only the one like a huge screen was completedSuper professional ring.

I found a bicycle for "Yutaka". But there was no appearance of Yutaka ... ....

Cherry blossom trees that stand out most in the hall.

There are so many materials left, but when will the whole body come together?

Some work is progressing considerably,I tried super singingThe stage of the stage is pretty well visible.

There is also a nearly completed reception in the inside.

It is unclear what is used for what, but there was something like a large amount of fence in the article carrying-in aisle.

Rider who runs dashingly with GIGAZINE editorial staff walking around Tekuteku Makuhari Messe. The necessity of a bicycle can be realized strongly by walking around the hall.

I tried to go around inside Makuhari Messe who is setting up acclaimed such as this, but it is still far from completion. Expectations as to how these booths under construction will change will be posted in a follow-up report.

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Exact size Ingram gets down to the venue of Nikoniko Super Conference 2015, and the special team of the second train department of NISHIDA joins the loading work - GIGAZINE

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