Ninja All-Stars, a board game where ninjas, samurai and youkai become battle with figures

A game where fighting of ninja, family of samurai, and youkai fighting on the island made by God is "Ninja All-Stars"is. Various characters appeared in the game, it seems that it has become a work full of fantasy color which spreads skill and magic.

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You can see what kind of game Ninja All-Stars is, by seeing the following movies and so on.

Ninja All-Stars is a board game that takes place in the island "Kagejima (Kagejima)" made by God. Kagejima is an island born of soaking a god 's treasure sword in the sea, a drop that fell from it, became the earth, the light of the dark and the moon, and the world covered with magic.

In the game, characters that have attributes of "water" "fire" "emptiness" "sky", and characters of youkai such as fox, kappa, demon appeared as figures.

For example, the family of the sea "IKA" is a clan who dedicates the god of the sea.

The clans are 9 to 12 people including Chunin, Madoushi, Kunoichi, Kaichi, Yajiri, Kaiken, Oni, Akkorokamui It is composed of members of each group, each color has its own color assigned.

In the game, players use these clans and fight the battle. "Ijin (Ijin)" wearing a brave mask ... ...

A family of "Tora (tora)" who wrapped herself in brave armor.

"Yamazaru (Yamazaru)" that is likely to run around in Noyama lightly

Beautiful "Tanchyo (Tancho)"

And, if you use clans with different characteristics, such as "Kitsune" clan, advance fighting advantageously.

Different settings are set up on the front and back of the board which will be the stage of the battle, and you can enjoy various battlefields.

Deceive enemies like a ninja, aim for victory.

In the dice used for battle, six elements of Kagejima are inscribed, and games are advanced using different characteristics for each clan.

Also, if you use a card called Moob Deck, you will be able to enjoy various developments in battle if you use the secret skills, strategies, and traps.

This Ninja All-Stars is a cloud funding siteKickstarterWe are looking for investment in. For the target price of $ 70,000 (about 8.4 million yen), about 280,000 dollars (about 34 million yen) is gathered from more than 2,000 investors around the world at the time of article creation.

The investment plan includes "Ninja Master"When"Elemental MasterTwo sets are prepared, and both sets can get 1 piece with a contribution of 100 dollars (about 12,000 yen). The whole picture of the set looks like this. The left is "Ninja Master" set, right is "Elemental Master" set.

The contents of "Ninja Master" set are as follows. The basic game "Game Box" contains basic items such as rule books, game boards, Moon Deck and dice, which are common in each set. Besides, in the Ninja Master set, I picked up two favorite clans from "Water", "Fire" "Empty" "Sky" clan, and "Ika" "Tora" "Ijin" "Yamazaru" "Kitsune" "Tancho" , It is possible to get a total of 6 clans.

In addition, as a bonus to Kickstarter, "Oni" is supposed to be added to three ronin, special added characters, and each family.

In one "Elemental Master" set, it is possible to pick up four favorite clans from "Ika" "Tora" "Ijin" "Yamazaru" "Kitsune" "Tancho" in addition to the basic items. Although it was six in the Ninja Master set earlier, it seems that the family of "water" "fire" "empty" "sky" is adjusted so that it becomes the same force by total because there are few members.

In addition, Kickstarter benefits characters and items are supposed to be added here as well.

In addition, for shipping outside the United States, a shipping fee is required as actual expenses, but it seems that this amount will be determined at the time of actual shipment. The deadline of investment is Japan time on April 21 (Tuesday) 11:00 in Japan, the shipping time is scheduled around December 2015.

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