Spray of Volvo which raises safety by shining brightly at night by just spraying "LifePaint"

A spray that can dramatically increase safety by shining brightly at night by simply spraying on clothes, bags, helmets and bicycles is a Swedish car manufacturerVolvoProduced by "LifePaint"is. Because LifePaint is colorless and transparent during the daytime, it does not affect the appearance of clothing, it can reflect the light at night and let the existence be known.

Volvo Life Paint

"The best way to save from the accident is to not do accidents"LifePaint" sent out by companies such as Volvo under the slogan "slogan" is a product that can inform the other party of their position by reflecting the light of vehicles brightly. The appearance that the light actually shines is introduced in the following movie.


Every year in the UK, 19,000 cyclists are involved in accidents.

Many of them were accidents with cars that I did not see about my bicycle.

A driver who does not notice the existence of a bicycle at night and suddenly bounces off ... ...

I do not mind the safety of the back, suddenly the car stopped and the bicycle collided back.

To break through such a situation is "LifePaint"

The way to use is to shuffle one place to the place you want to brighten brightly.

A bicycle that could not be seen in the dark ... ...

Shine brightly to appeal to existence.

A black bag that seems to be inconspicuous at nighttime ......

I will inform you of the existence brightly.

This helmet as well

Even in a group that seems to be completely dissolved in the darkness ......

It began to stand out surprisingly.

Since the ingredients to be sprayed are water-soluble, they can easily be dropped by washing. A substance that is colorless and transparent is used, and under the light of the sun, it does not affect the design of clothing, and it shines by receiving the light of light at night. It is about 1 week duration after spraying once.

It looks like a nighttime infrared image, but it seems to have been taken normally.

LifePaint is a 200 ml spray can. It was said that it was actually sold at some stores.

This LifePaint is a member of the global advertising agency Gray GroupGray LondonAnd develop a reflective spray at emerging companies in SwedenAlbedo 100, And the product by the project Volvo did together by tagging. The above slogan "The best way to save from an accident is to avoid an accident (The Best Way to Survive a crash is Not to Crash)" was developed as a theme, aimed at enhancing visibility especially at night Things.

It is LifePaint which seems to be developed as a concept model, but it is actually sold at multiple cycle shops mainly in London. The location of the shop can be checked from the following link.

Life Paint

Volvo has set the safety target "VISION 2020" to "eliminate deaths and serious injuries caused by traffic accidents involving new Volvo cars by 2020" and this initiative is part of that. Safety consciousness on the side "seen" not only from automobiles but also from automobiles is said to be an indispensable consciousness to safeguard their safety.

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Four sprayable products of Albedo 100, such as clothing and pet, are already on sale. Although handling in Japan is unknown at the time of article creation, it seems that it is sold in overseas Amazon and others.

Albedo 100 | Invisible Bright - light reflective spray. Colorless spray for applying to textiles. Non permanent.

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