Early trauma apparently continues to adversely affect health and property aspects even after becoming an adult

ByPhil Dragash

When experiencing a physical or mental shocking event, people will feelPsychological trauma (trauma)I will bear it. According to the latest research, trauma held in early childhood seems to continue adversely affecting himself even after becoming an adult, the range being health, finance, education levelBMIIt has become clear that it is various.

Welcome to the 1958 National Child Development Study - Center for Longitudinal Studies

Childhood trauma affects the health and wealth of middle-aged adults | The Verge

This researchBulletin of National Academy of SciencesThose announced in PNAS. I did the research,French Institute of Health and Medical ResearchA research team including Mr. Michelle Kelly Irving who is a scientist in the UK and a follow-up survey of 17,000 born in 1958 in the UK "National Child Development Study(NCDS) "to analyze the connection between health conditions of adolescents and early childhood traumas.

Mr. Irving and his colleagues saw the NCDS data from 7000 people who had experienced trauma such as "I could not eat a proper meal" or "I had physical abuse" between the age of 16 We gathered information on minutes and investigated what kind of life they were living between 23 and 33 years old. As a result of the survey, it was found that a high level of stress experienced in early childhood was dragging to an adult, and stress of childhood indirectly involved in health decision making, property / education level, BMI I understood that it was.

ByAlejandro Giacometti

Several studies have investigated how childhood stress and trauma affect human growth. Since the mid 1990'sAmerica Disease Control CenterA study on harmful childhood experience, led byAdverse Childhood Experiences Study) Collect information on past "abuse" "abandonment of child care" "family collapse" etc. from 17,000 adults. According to this study, a child who experienced a bad experience in early childhood seems to be an adult and suffer from a chronic illness like alcohol poisoning or heart disease.

From these research results it is obvious that even if childhood trauma and stress become adults, it is obvious that it will have a big influence, but "these effects are seen only in unhealthy behavior, BMI, socioeconomic status etc. Some scientists also say. However, even though the reasons for the biological connection between childhood trauma and adulthood health status, financial situation, etc. have not been clarified, stress has been long-term influenced by the nerve and endocrine , It is clear that it continues to affect the immune system, this research suggests.

ByMichael Bentley

"I believe that this research will be an important step," says the University of North CarolinaThe Center for Developmental ScienceJamie Hanson who works as a doctoral researcher at Mr. Jamie. Mr. Hanson talks about how the stress of early childhood affects the brain in 2014the studyIt is a person who announced. Mr. Hanson said about the research revealed this time, "We know that stress will have a bad influence on health, and stress received at the age of 5 will affect the decision making around the age of 25 It is very likely that you will be annoyed by the risk of stroke at the age of 50 because of that decision. "

I think that some people say "one scene of a horror movie or a suspense drama that I saw when I was small" still can not be forgotten, but the influence of such a trauma seems to be tremendous beyond imagination.

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