Images and movies that Muslim countries murdered one Japanese are posted on the net

Warning that Islamic countries will kill unless two Japanese people pay ransom of 200 million dollars within 72 hoursAbout the matter I was doing, it was discovered that the picture / video that Mr. Kenji Goto has posted is photographed by Mr. Harukana Yukawa on YouTube, and NHK etc. are also reported on the preliminary report.

"Killing one person in restraint" and posting on image net NHK News

Chief Cabinet Secretary 's Interview' Unforgivable Urgent Language Breakout 'NHK News

NHK's coverage is as follows


HarunaYukawaExecution - Dailymotion video

When playback starts, the following subtitles are displayed first, and it is said that it is a message addressed to the Japanese government and Kenji Goto's family

Next is the image below. It is something like a composition of pictures in which the neck has actually been cut.

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And I feel like a message flows.

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In addition, Muslim countries attacked suicide bombings with their husbands at a hotel in Jordan in 2005, but a woman who survived unexplodedSajda Al Rishawi), And why Muslim countries emphasize this woman is to be regarded as a spiritual symbol because it was the aide of Zarqawi in Al Qaeda, the predecessor of the Islamic nation Pattern. It is already believed to be saying that Goto will be released in exchange for the release of this woman, although it has already been sentenced to death in the first instance but is still appealing.

Even though Chief Cabinet Secretary is conducting an urgent meeting, it seems to be a certain level of credibility, but the information is complicated, and it is still unknown at the moment whether the picture above is genuine or not.

2015/01/25 1:11 postscript
Detailed content of what you are talking aboutNHK reports"It is you who killed Yukawa, because we did not seriously take the request of our leader and did not take action within 72 hours." "I love you two kids I want to see you. "" Do not let me repeat the same thing, Do not give up, keep pressure on the Japanese government with your family, friends, and colleagues of my company "" The demands of Islamic countries are not difficult There is no longer a need for money, there is no need to worry about giving money to terrorists They are only seeking the release of Sajda Al Rishawi, which is being arrested. Ironically I will be released. "" This is a feasible requirement, Ironically the Japanese government is in a very close place, the prostitutes are being held by the Jordanian authorities. "" Once again, I will save my life Easy Liberate the prostitutes from Jordan and I can be free. "" My wife, this may be the last few hours in my world, please do not make this my last word, It seems to say that I do not want to kill me.

2015/01/25 1:26 postscript
It is said that Prime Minister Abe is requesting immediate release of the hostage, he said he is urgently conducting a related ministerial meeting, and it seems that it ended earlier.

2015/01/25 1:44 Addendum
At a press conference by Prime Minister Abe around 1:30 a.m., it is as follows.

Reporter: What kind of story did you talk about at the Ministerial Conference?
Abe: We are currently working towards opening up all diplomatic routes and means.
Among them, a picture that Mr. Yukawa Haruna was believed to have been killed was delivered to the Internet.
My family's heartache is too much to say and I do not have words.
Such terrorist acts are outrageous and unforgivable violence.
I feel strong indignation. I firmly condemn it.
I strongly urge Kenji Goto to not harm her again, and immediately release it.
As the Government of Japan, we will continue to actively contribute to world peace and stability with the international community without succumbing to terrorism.
I will continue to work on raising the government toward the liberation of Japanese people.

2015/01/25 2:06 Addendum
The reason the government has almost asserted is that the same image as this YouTube movie was mailed to Goto's wife on 24th day of Japan timeTestimony of government officialsIt is clear in.

2015/01/25 2:17 Addendum
According to Reuters,American intelligence agencies are verifying the authenticity of images... apparently ...

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The Islamic country released a movie of "The last message that is the second from captured Goto Kenji" as "24 hours left"

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