What is the reason why the iPad is used to breed penguins?

A lot of educational apps for smartphones and tablets are released, but it is located in Los Angeles, USAAquarium of the PacificIn the aquarium called Magellan Penguin, the amazing fact that you are using the iPad for education is revealed.

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A terrible aquarium that uses iPad for penguin education is Aquarium of the Pacific in Los Angeles. In this aquarium we protect wild animals that are wounded and keep breeding until they are in a state that can be attributed to the wild.

Most of the 19 Magellan penguins raised here are individuals protected in Brazil.

Is this penguin that floats on the water to Puka っ の の の の の 銇 の ス ス ス ス ス ス ス ス ス ス ス ス ス ス ス ス ス ス ス ス ス ス ス

Penguin to use the iPad is "Emotional educationIt is for.

Sarah Mandell, a breeding member, tried various things, "What kind of curious penguins are born with curiosity in curiosity?" As a result of trying out various things, this wonder that penguins have unexpectedly come to iPad's game It is said that it has led to the start of efforts.

Mandel pretends to set the iPad on the ground as a matter of fact.

On the screen you already have an application for penguins to play.

A penguin who noticed this arrives at Stakara and uses the beak to tap the screen of the iPad with a pen tip.

It is a level that you can see that it is obviously enthusiastic as seen from the edge.

Another penguin who found a penguin that is keen on the iPad ......

I participated in the game as soon as I said "Do it also!

The game being played is "Game for Cats"For cats for cats.

I'm very enthusiastic about playing "Donkei do it ...", but now it seems that penguin's daily routine is playing games on the iPad.

Also, Mandela, a keeper, says that playing the game is also contributing to keeping both the spiritual and physical aspects of the penguin healthy.

As expected it seems I got tired.

But again, play.

Were you getting bored again? This time it is out, and my pacey penguins.

On the screen of the iPad there are a lot of ruins left behind that striking with beats for many years with a beak.

Another penguin that crushes the neck with the sort of bluntly saying "What are you doing" next to a penguin that is keen on the game?

At the end of the movie, the penguins were very satisfied with the game play and they expressed their joy and patapathas.

This trial seemed to have started in March of 2014, and it is expected that Aquarium of the PacificOfficial blogA more detailed history was written on the top. According to this, young penguins seem to desperately repeat appeal to impress themselves on the opposite sex, but in the meantime a few penguins were isolated from around. So I was wondering if there are any ways to cheer the penguins, so Mandell, a breastfeeder, makes a penguin for the iPad game as it has the characteristic "Penguin is very curious like a cat" I came up with the idea of ​​letting me play.

On the YouTube account, a movie shooting how the penguin is using the iPad has been uploaded and you can see a penguin that follows the mouse on the iPad with considerable excitement. Also, the penguin who is playing the game enthusiastically said that "Tutu" sounds that sound when the mouse is tapped.

IPad - Playing Penguins - Aquarium of the Pacific - YouTube

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