Wikileaks publishes "Guidebook for infiltration for operators" by CIA

ByTim. Simpson

We have obtained and released various confidential information so farWikiLeaks(WikiLeaks) began publishing the CIA's undisclosed secret document newly. Among them, European countries, especially fake passports,Schengen areaHow to break into is explained.

CIA Travel Advice To Operatives

There are two confidential documents published. One document is a document that explains how to prevent secondary screening (additional inspection) from being subject to secondary security screening at the airport entitled "Surviving Secondary Screening", mainly aiming at fake passports It is intended for operatives who have to go to Europe with duties.

CIA Assessment on Surviving Secondary Screening - page 1

The other is "CIA Advice for Operatives Infiltrating Schengen". Germany, France, Italy, Iceland, Norway etc, which is called "Schengen area" in Europe etc.Schengen agreementIt is a useful document at the time of confidential work in 26 countries that connected the information of border checkpoints and the like are summarized.

CIA Advice for Operatives Infiltrating Schengen - page 1

According to Wikileaks, since the simultaneous multiple terrorist attacks in the United States that occurred on September 11, 2001, it became difficult to continue the underground activity of the CIA in the same way as before as the security of the airport became hard, and that concern appeared It is said that it is a document.

In fact, some of this document also includes experiences of CIA agent who was subject to additional inspection at the airport in the EU area. According to the agent, we have survived the test by fictitious talk that "I got training against Washington D. C." Because I found the explosive when I passed the baggage through the inspection machine in the additional inspection.

According to Julian Assanji of Wikileaks, under the Bush administration from January 2001 to January 2008, the CIA kidnapped within the EU region including Italy and Sweden, and documents like this one are released That point still points out that the CIA is still infiltrating into Europe and performing craft activities in the same way.

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