"IPViking Live" which shows the cyber war that is set in the whole world in real time is tremendously happening

Cyber ​​Attack over Sony Pictures Entertainment that Increased Engagement by North KoreaHas become a big topic all over the world, the fear of cyber attack is revealed again. A service that can observe cyber attacks occurring in and around the world in real time is "IPViking Live"is.

Norse - IPViking Live

Watch cyber warfare in real time with this fascinating map | Polygon

This is the page of IPViking Live. Real-time information on cyber attacks is packed in this page.

"ATTACK ORIGINS" on the upper left of the screen will be displayed in the order of most attacks in the country where the cyber attack is set up.

"ATTACK TARGETS" on the upper right of the screen will be displayed along with the number attacked by the country on which the cyber attack is set.

At the bottom of the screen, from left to right, "TIMESTAMP (Attack start time)", "ORGANIZATION" (organization which attacks) "LOCATION (place to attack)" "IP (IP address)" "LOCATION "SERVICE (attacked service name)" and "PORT (port number being attacked)" are displayed in real time. You can realize the large amount of cyber attacks on the information that is swiftly updated.

In the lower right corner of the screen are ranked in descending order of attacked service port numbers.

Click on the thumbnail image below to open GIF animation (about 2.9 MB). You should be able to understand how many real-time cyber attacks are intuitive.

If you are watching cyber attacks occurring all over the world, you can see that most attacks are taking place from China to America. Also,North Korea named for the US government "attacked Sony Pictures"It is clear that there are also many attacks from.

However, some attacks from the southern side of the African continent. Locally, Norway territoryBouvet IslandIt seems, but it is a mystery who is stuck with America.

IPViking Live displays cyber attacks occurring in real time based on information from more than 200 data centers in over 50 countries and regions around the world, and said that it handles data of 150 TB or more every day about. Furthermore, cyber attacks that can be confirmed with IPViking Live are only a few noticeable parts, and more cyber attacks are occurring in the world.

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