Presentation of "Google Play Best of 2014" gathering games, apps, movies, books popular on Google Play in 2014

In 2014, Google Play announced "Google Play Best of 2014" which summarizes what game, application, book, film, TV program was popular among Japanese users. For example, if it is a video work, "Queen Anna and Snow", "Yokai Watch", "Mobile Suit Gundam UC", "Naoki Hanzawa" etc. are included.

Google Japan Blog: Google Play Best of 2014 announced

Below is a link to 30 works selected for each. The order is not in alphabetical order, but it is not particularly ranked, but within the same genre it is as long as the one in the front is more popular than the one in the back not.

2014 Best Game

·Monster Strike(Mixi)

·Yokaiai gymnastics first puzzle Nyan(Level 5)

·White cat project(Coropla)

·A sword and magical logless Ancient Goddess(Marvelous)

·Farm Hero(King)

·Noshiko of Hoshinojima(Coropla)

·ONE PIECE Treasure Cruise(NAMCO BANDAI Games)

·Crash of Clan(Supercell)

·Summoners War: Sky Arena(Com 2 u)

·Game of War - Fire Age(Machine Zone)

·Paz 100 million - refreshing puzzle game(Mobage)

·Puzzle & Dragons(Gung Ho Online Entertainment)

·Anna and the Queen of Snow: Free Fall(Disney)

·Brave frontier(Alim)

·Smash Hit(Mediocre)

·Powerful professional baseball TOUCH 2014(Konami)

·Chain Chronicle(Sega)

·Merck stolia - an healing artist and a bell of a bell -(Happy Elements)

·Thousand Memories(Akatsuki)

·An extinct city(Wright Flyer Studios)

·Samurai Great Battle(Space Ape)

·Spiderman · Unlimited(Gameloft)

·Summons board(Gung Ho Online Entertainment)

·Dragon Quest IV Guided People(square Enix)

·Asphalt 8: Airborne(Gameloft)

·Tera Battle(MIST WALKER)

·Boom · Beach(Supercell)

·Monument Valley(Ustwo)

·FIFA 15 Ultimate Team(Electronic Arts)

·2048 Number Puzzle game(Estoty Entertainment Lab)

Best app in 2014

·Manga box(DeNA)



·Smart News(SmartNews)



·Recipe!(Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.)

·Shazam(Shazam Entertainment)



·Household account book money forward(Money Forward)

·Rhythm play(Smart Education)






·Sumo wrestling(Dwango Mobile)


·TV TOKYO Business On Demand(TV Tokyo)



·Noom Coach(Noom)



·Nike + Running(Nike)

·Constellation chart(Escapist Games)


·Magic Piano(Smule)


Best Book of 2014

·A story that the girls of school year passed the actual work to Keio University by raising the deviation value by 40 in one year(Nobutaka Tsubota)

·Courage to be disliked: teaching of the source of self-development "Adler"(Kishimi Ichiro, Koga Fumio)

·Cuddle too much troublesome 7 days of the future bride's wife(Turtle)

·Kuroda Official New Edition(Takayuki Enomiya)

·I: Malaras: A girl who stood up for education and was shot by the Taliban(Marara Jusufuzai, Christina Lam)

·Finland formula not to scold child rearing: Five rules to become children to think on your own(Ben Furman)

·Create the world of the ghibli(Yodaira Taneda)

·Neon Genesis Evangelion (14)(Yoshiyuki Sadamoto)

·She in me: 1st volume(Mitsuyo Tsunoda)

·Inferno (upper)(Dan Brown)

·"Masahiro no Jobjutsu" of Mr. Mabe who is a middle manager of sorrow(Nakajima Takashi)

·Kiki's Delivery Service: Volume 1(Eiko Kakuno)

·That English, native speaking sounds like this(David Sain, Nobutaka Koike)

·I graduated from "hobby, diet". : 20kg I do not want to repeat from my thinness To you(Ogawa Natsuka)

·One day breakfast in Tiffany 1 volume(Makihiroti)

·Cat cartoon "Nekomaki 2"(Mueswork Blue Art)

·I lost my wallet 01 I lost the wallet(Doula)

·What kind of balls can not be hit if thrown(Kaneko Chihiro)

·Why is he good at "socializing" - psychology that does not bother me anymore with "human relations" -(Hideki Wada)

·Why can "ability to concentrate" is amazing?(Nakajima Takashi)

·2015 version! Not doing list(Nakajima Takashi)

·ENDGAME - THE CALLING End Game · Calling(James Fray, Nils Johnson-Shelton)

·All-purpose appraiser Q's Case Book I(Keisuke Matsuoka)

·You will be able to speak amazingly! English conversation "1 pattern per day" lesson(David · Sain)

·It works at the shortest! Diet by genotype: Knowing your "genotype", you can lose weight(Takuji Shirasawa DHC)

·Appropriate diary(Takada Junji)

·Visual Wide Illustrated Japanese History(Hashiba Sun Moon)

·Mobile Suit Gundam Sengoku no Hathaway (top)(Yoshiyuki Tomino)

·Revolutionize your work! "Shimon" list(Nakajima Takashi)

·Blue pen learning method that really gets better(Takashi Ishii)

2014 Best Movie

·Lone Ranger (Japanese Dubbed version)

·Miracle apple

·Wolf of Wall Street (Japanese Dubbed Edition)

·Tears of the president's butler (Japanese Dubbed version)

·Theater version HUNTER × HUNTER - The LAST MISSION -

·And become a father

·The Kaitou Glue's Minion Crisis One Shot (Japanese Dubbed Edition)

·to you

·Heisei rider vs. Showa Rider Kamen Rider Taisen feat. Super Sentai

·300 ~ Advance of Empire ~ (Japanese Dubbed Edition)

·Loan · Survivor (Japanese Dubbed version)

·Police Story / Legend (Japanese Dubbed Edition)

·Still dawn at night (subtitle version)

·Life! / Life (Japanese Dubbed Edition)

·Transformers / Lost Age (Japanese Dubbed Edition)

·Zero Gravity (Japanese Dubbed version)

·Noah's promised boat (Japanese dub version)

·Movie "SPEC ~ The Movie (Close) ~ Kou no Hen"

·White Yukihime murder case

·Knit a boat

·Dark Gold Ushima-kun Part 2

·Kiyoko Conference

·Anna and the Queen of Snow (Japanese Dubbed Edition)

·Amazing Spider-Man 2 (Japanese Dubbed Version)

·Percy Jackson and the gods of Olympus: The Devil's Sea (Japanese Dubbed Edition)

·X-Men: Future & Past (Japanese Dubbed version)

·Captain America / Winter Soldier (Japanese Dubbed Edition)

·The kingdom robbed by the Hobbit dragon (Japanese Dubbed version)

·All You Need Is Kill (Dubbed Edition)

·Samurai's Menu

The movie summarizes the top 100 titles "Movie 2014 Top Sales"Is also announced separately. For the television, the following 10 works have been selected.

TV 2014 Top Sales

·Drama "Dark Gold Ushima-kun"

·Yo-kai watch

·My Neighbor Seki

·Mobile Suit Gundam UC

·Naoki Hanzawa

·JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Stardust Crusaders

·SUPERNATURAL / Supernatural (subtitle version)

·Hajime no Ippo Rising

·I do not have a mother tomorrow.

·SPEC ~ Sho ~ / Metropolitan Police Department Public Safety Department Public Safety Department 5 Unknown Case Special Counter Case Case

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