A list of the best-selling items by Amazon in Japan at the end of 2011 All the summary list by category

Since ranking which was sold at Amazon.co.jp by main category between December 1, 2010 and November 30, 2011 was announced, we extracted the first ranked by each category and list them side by side I tried it. Click on each image to link to the Amazon's individual product page to fly.

Amazon.co.jp: Best of 2011

1st place in Japanese book comprehension (1st place even in books and light novels): astonishment of Haruhi Suzumiyi First edition limited edition (with 64 page all color special booklet) (Kadokawa sneakers paperback): Tanikawa style, Ito no iichi: book

Foreign books first place: Steve Jobs: Walter Isaacson: Books

Comic General 1st place: ONE PIECE 61 (Jump Comics): Eiichiro Oda: Books

Game Capture Book 1st place: AKB 1/48 If I'm in love with Idol and Guam ... Official Guide Book (Kodansha MOOK): FRIDAY Editorial Department (編 編): 本

Talent Photo Album 1st: Nippon Storm Pocket Edition: Arashi: Books

Literature 1st place: Kujiki nae: Shibata Toyo: Books

New book · non-fiction · science book 1st place: lie of nuclear power plant (Fusosha new book): Hiroako Koide: book

Business · Self awareness first place: Steve Jobs I: Walter Isaacson, Koji Iguchi: book

Computer 1st: Facebook Ambition of young genius (social network connecting 500 million people was born): David Kirkpatrick, Hiroto Kobayashi commentary, Hiromu Namerikawa, Nobuhiko Takahashi: Books

Diet: Beauty book 1st place: With DVD Kashiki style · Make it immediately with the KaVee dance! (GAKKEN HIT MOOK): Yasumi Kashiki: Books

Cookbook 1st: Body Fat Meter Tanita's employee cafeteria ~ 500 kcal of Mankabu set menu ·: Tanita: book

Picture book No. 1: Otsukushima Good evening - Mutsuku Hikaru 4 (Evangelical Akachan's picture book): Akiko Hayashi: Books

Illustrated book 1st: Learning to play fun Funny Picture Book (Shogakkan children's pictorial book pre NEO): Tadahisa White number: Books

English learning first place: DUO 3.0: Yoichi Suzuki: book

Calendar 1st: AKB48 Official Calendar BOX 2012 CHEER UP! ~ I will deliver you smile ~: Shogakkan: Books

Music overall 1st place: 【With amenity life photo】 Here and there (First Press Limited Edition): AKB48: Music

J-POP 1st place: Checkmate! [Best Collaboration Album] (with DVD): Namie Amuro: Music

I'm With You: Red Hot Chili Peppers: Music

Pops No. 1: Goodbye Lullaby (First Press Limited Edition) (with DVD): Avril · Lavigne: Music

Hard Rock · Heavy Metal 1st: A Dramatic Turn of Ives (Special Edition) (First Press Limited Edition): Dream · Theater: Music

Anime · Game 1st place: Gintama BEST 2 【Period Limited Edition】: DOES, Pico, Base Ball Bear, Shigi, ghostnote, monobright, FLiP, AZU, Kuriyama Chiaki, Vijandeux (Villandu), Inoue Joe, Qwai, ONE ☆ DRAFT, Prague, Hitomi Takahashi × BEAT CRUSADERS, PENGIN: Music

Jazz 1st: Voice (First Press Limited Edition) (with DVD): Hiromi Uehara The Trio Project Featuring Anthony Jackson & Simon Phillips: Music

Soul · R & B · Hip Hop 1st place: MICHAEL: Michael Jackson: Music

Original Soundtrack 1st: Merry's Outside Living Original Soundtrack (with DVD): VARIOUS ARTISTS: Music

Classic 1st place: 2cellos: 2cellos (Sulic & Hauser): Music

Asia 1st place: JYJ Music Essay - Their Rooms (Korean Edition): JYJ (JUNSU / YUCHUN / JEJUNG): Music

Analog board 1st place: MUSICMAN (analogue 2 sheet set first production limited edition) [12 inch Analog]: Keisuke Kuwata: music

MP3 download overall 1st place (even in J-POP): PROMISE: LUNA SEA: MP3 Downloads

Pops 1st place: We Are The World: U.S.A. For Africa: MP3 Downloads

Rock 1st place: 20TH CENTURY BOY: T. Rex: MP3 Downloads

Jazz 1st place: 100 Jazz Masterpieces: Various Artists: MP3 Downloads

Classical 1st place: 99 Must-Have Mozart Masterpieces: Various Artists: MP3 Downloads

Dance · Electronica 1st place: Daft Punk - Alive 1997: Daft Punk: MP3 Downloads

Soundtrack 1st: Stand Alone: ​​Joe Hisaishi: MP3 Downloads

Anime · Game No. 1: Observer of Skyclad: Ito Kanako: MP3 Downloads

New Age Easy Listening 1st place: Future Jazz Cafe Vol. 2 (Bonus DJ Mix by Lemongrass Part 1): Various Artists: MP3 Downloads

DVD · Blu-ray Competition 1st place (music is also No. 1): ARASHI 10-11TOUR "Scene" ~ Scenery seen by you and me ~ DOME + 【First Press Limited Edition】 [DVD]: Arashi: DVD

George Lucas, Liam Neeson, Hayden Christensen, Ewan McGregor, Natalie Portman, Brian McGregor, Foreign Film 1st: [First come with purchase benefits] Star Wars Complete Saga Blu - ray Box (Blu - ray) Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, Alec Guinness: DVD

Japan movie 1st place: Oku Deluxe Edition DVD 【First Press Limited Edition】: Kanako Fumi, Ninomiya Kazuya, Shibasaki Kou, Horikita Maki, Okura Tadayoshi, Tamaki Hiroshi (Special appearances): DVD

American TV drama 1st place: 24 - Twenty Foo - Final Season DVD Collector's Box: Kiefer Sutherland: DVD

Japanese TV drama 1st: Yoshihiko Yabushi and the Devil's Castle DVD-BOX (5 sheets set) 【First Press Limited Edition】: Yuichi Fukuda, Takayuki Yamada, Harumi Kinan, Mirotsuyoshi, Sato Jiro,

Korea's TV drama 1st: You're Beautiful Gifts for Fans Official DVD: Jang Keun Suk, Park Shin, Lee Hong Ki, Jung Yong Hwa: DVD

Mobile Suit Gundam UC (Unicorn) [Mobile Suit Gundam UC] 3 [Blu-ray]: Kazuhiro Furuhashi, Kenki Uchiyama, Ayumi Fujimura, Ayumu Kaida, Daisuke Namikawa: DVD

Comedy / Variety 1st place: Game Center CX DVD-BOX 7: Shinya Arino (Yoko): DVD

1st place in TV games overall (even in peripheral equipment): Xbox Live 3500 Microsoft point card 【prepaid card】: game

PS3 1st place: Tales of Xillia (no benefit): Game

PSP 1st place: AKB 1/48 If I fall in love with Idol and Guam ... (Regular Edition): Game

Nintendo 3DS 1st: The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time Time: Game

Nintendo DS 1st: Reversal Prosecutor 2 (Normal Edition): Game

Wii 1st place: everyone's rhythm heaven: game

Xbox 360 1st: Gears of War 3 (Normal Edition) 【CERO Rating "Z"】: Game

Game machine main body 1st place: Nintendo 3DS Aqua Blue: Game

Import game 1st: Dead Space 2 (imported version): Game

Home Appliances & Cameras 1st: Apple New Products iPod touch 32GB: Home Appliances / Cameras

Personal computer · Peripheral equipment No. 1: EPSON ink cartridge (6 color set) IC 6 CL 50: Personal computer · peripheral equipment

Stationery · Office Supplies 1st place: Plus cutting machine cutting width A4 PK-513L 26-106: Stationery · Office Supplies

PC software No. 1: Norton Internet Security 2011: Software

Toy 1st place: Animal Toy: Toy

Hobby 1st: Revoltech Danbo · Mini Amazon.co.jp Box Version: Hobby

Musical instrument No. 1: audio-technica dynamic type vocal microphone with protect ring AT-X 11: instrument

Baby General 1st place: Color Mat 8 piece set: Baby & amp; Maternity

Stroller 1st place: Combi Well Flat Wide W JZ - 500: Baby & amp; Maternity

Child seat 1st place: Combi Primlong S RS-538 Black: Baby & amp; Maternity

Embracing string / sling 1st place: Ergo Baby 【2 years warranty with authorized dealer】 Baby career Galaxy gray CREG00302: Baby & amp; Maternity

Baby gift 1st place: Baby-rush Happy Birthday: Baby & amp; Maternity

Home & Kitchen General & Consumables (Cartridges, Replacement Brushes, etc.) 1st Place: Panasonic Lamb Dash Cleaner Cartridge (3 pieces) ES035: Home & amp; Kitchen

1st place of living household appliances: TANITA 【Pita function to ride 【Pita function to ride】】 Body Composition Meter Silver BC-705-SV: Home & amp; Kitchen

Kitchen appliances 1st place: T-fal exclusive handle Black fires 18217: Home & amp; kitchen

Interior · Storage · Bedding 1st place: CASIO (Casio) Alarm Clock Digital Radio Control Watch Temperature Display DQD-80J-7JF: Home & amp; Kitchen

Miscellaneous goods first place: KAKURI survival seat (cold · heat insulation sheet) 40617: Home & amp; kitchen

Car and motorcycle supplies No. 1: Surluster (SUREASTER) Zero water 280 ml with exclusive cross S-79: Car & motorcycle supplies

DIY · Tool No. 1: Kimwipe 12 × 21.5 cm / 1 box (200 sheets) S-200: DIY · Tool

1st place in Health & Beauty (1st in Supplement): Zabasu (SAVAS) Whey Protein 100: Health & amp; Beauty

Skin care 1st place: rosette gomage increment 120g: health & amp; beauty

Health care 1st place: Pollenon: Health & amp; beauty

Daily necessities 1st place: Elieres Toilet Tissue 12R (double): Health & amp; beauty

1st place for men: Gillette Fusion 5 + 1 exclusive replacement blade 8 pieces: Health & amp; beauty

Nursing care 1st place: Salva 60 gentle wet towels on your skin (200 mm × 300 mm) × 2 Copaque: Health & amp; beauty

1st place of cosmetics (also the first place of skin care): Neil's Yard Remedies Body Shape Massage Brush: Cosmetics

Make-up 1st place: Logona Loose Powder: Cosmetics

Hair Care No. 1: Rose de Marrakesh Geld Argan - Rose 75 g: Cosmetics

Fragrance 1st: Neils Yard Remedies Remedies Aromatic Massage Oil 100ml: Cosmetics

Sports & Outdoor 1st place: GENTOS LED Lantern Explorer Professional 【Brightness 280 lumens / continuous lighting 72 hours】 EX-777XP: Sports & amp; Outdoor

Beverages overall 1st: Suntory natural water (Southern Alps): Food & amp; Beverages

Food total No. 1: Calbee fruit granola 800 g: Food & amp; Beverages

Sweets 1st place: Yagai snacks Calpas 50 bottles: Food & amp; Beverages

Baby food first place: "bargain set" Meiji Hohomi Easy cube 2 box pack with small box: Food & amp; drink

Rice · millet 1st place: 【Rice milling】 Hokkaido non-washed rice Kirara 397: Food & amp; Beverages

Noodle No. 1: Granolo Spaghetti (1.78 mm) 3 kg: Food & amp; Beverages

Coffee first place: Brendy regular coffee drip pack 100 P: Food & amp; Beverages

Tea 1st: Janat Premium Tea Selection 40P: Food & amp; Beverages

Beer · Happy Sake: Kirin Nodoke Student 350ml × 24 Books: Food & amp; Beverages

Clock 1st place: [Sleep tracker] Sleeptracker Watch Sleep measurement alarm clock Sleeptracker PRO Black Unisex 【Regular imports】: Watch

Jewelry 1st place: [Lamour Diamond] L'AMOUR DIAMOND Necklace LMD-MC09: Jewelry

Clothing & fashion accessories 1st place: (Franco Correzioni) Franco Collezioni Dress shirt 3 piece set (White series) 50220: Clothing & fashion accessories

Shoes & bag first place: [crocs] crocs crocband: shoes & bags

Pet Supplies General & Cat Supplies 1st: Pet Kitty Sand taking odor 5L: Pet supplies

Dog supplies 1st place: Deosheet Regular - 96 pet supplies: Pet supplies

Rabbit equipment 1st place: Bunny Selection Maintenance 1.5kg: Pet supplies

Cat Tower No. 1: KTS - Cat - chan Tower ★ CI 071: Pet Supplies

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