What kind of person is Deep Mind's genius Demis Hasabis who leads Google's artificial intelligence development?

The startup acquired by GoogleDeep Mind"Is a British company only three years since its founding to develop artificial intelligence (AI), but it became a hot topic when it was bought with a huge sum of over 50 billion yen after Facebook and Google disliked the palm and fought It was. Mr. Demis Hasabis who is the founder of DeepMind and leads Google's artificial intelligence department and runs the cutting edge of artificial intelligence researchMIT Technology ReviewI am covering it.

Demis Hassabis, Founder of Deep Mind Technologies and Artificial-Intelligence Wunderkind at Google, Wants Machines to Think Like Us | MIT Technology Review

When Mr. Hasabis started playing chess at the age of 4, he was called a prodigy and appeared as a chess player to the extent that it was described as "the most excellent chess player in history." However, Mr. Hasabis said, "How does the brain learn complicated tasks?" With the question of "Can a computer do the same thing as the brain?", And from the way of chess computer learning and artificial intelligence I turned to a road to research.

In 1994, Mr. Hasabis, a 17-year-old, developed a simulation game called "Theme Park" and graduated from the University of Cambridge in a two-year juncture. When I got a degree in Computer Science, I established a game company in 1998 and succeeded in certain success.

Mr. Hasabis who succeeded as a computer game creator, but started to work on artificial intelligence research which has been a long time concern. In 2005 he entered the doctoral course at Cambridge University and started researching the neuroscience. Mr. Hassabis, who thought that "human brains should be studied first in order to study artificial intelligence," he said he was studying algorithms to realize brain functions. In his doctoral course at Cambridge University, Mr. Hasabis's career as "a game creator who has never studied biology" seems to be unique, "It was in my skull that I knew about my brain at that time There are some things, "Mr. Hasabis laughs away.

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Hasabis who does not have a background of biology, but also appears immediately in the field of neuroscience, and in 2007, "Patients suffering from symptoms of memory loss due to hippocampal damage will image future events We also have a difficult time to work. " This paper is from Science Journal ScienceBreakthrough of the YearMr. Hasabis is also highly valued in the field of neuroscience.

In 2011, we finally founded a venture company DeepMind Technologies to research and develop artificial intelligence. DeepMind is a developer of Skype · KazaaJean TallinnMr., an expert on artificial intelligence researchShane LegMr. and others are participating. Deep Mind was founded shortly, but founded SpaceX and Tesla MotorsEarlon maskMr. and Mr. Mask created PayPalPeter TielI caught the eyes of Mr. and others and succeeded in obtaining funding.

Although it was Deep Mind which was attracted to some angel investors, I was concentrating on fundamental research on artificial intelligence, and in the artificial intelligence research industry, it was only familiar people knew who they knew. However, it was held in the United States in December 2013Deep Learning Workshop NIPS 2013And Deep MindSpace InvadersBy playing classical games such as playing games skills will improve gradually the machine learning technique will show off to surprise the world. According to Professor Stuart Russell who studies artificial intelligence at the University of California, Berkeley, "DeepMind's technology was a big shock at the time, unexpectedly far above the technical level we were thinking. I think that many people have stopped thinking, including the time, "I look back on the situation at that time.

The advanced learning system that Deep Mind showed was epoch-making among the artificial intelligence technologies that have been studied for decades, but this technology became possible by studying "the brain" It was because "Hasabisu said. Computers learning while playing games have undergone a process of replaying past experiences and finding the optimal solution to derive an appropriate answer as to what to do, which is based on the mechanism of the human brain That is nothing else.

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Deep Mind, which was acquired by Google in January 2014 at a huge sum of over 50 billion yen, continues to be based in London, England, after having been acquired, immediately with 50 researchers who had at that time instructed about 50 people I am adding it. Currently, 75% of researchers are placed in basic research and the remaining 25% are working on dropping DeepMind 's artificial intelligence technology to Google' s service. Hasabis said "DeepMind's artificial intelligence technology can be used for YouTube's recommendation function, Android terminal voice search function, etc." It is said that it will be incorporated into various services of Google within the next few years It is that.

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