NASA will soon carry out the flight test of the Mars spaceship "Orion" and announce new illustrations

NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) leading the space development of mankind is a space ship that makes it possible to send mankind to Mars on Thursday, December 4th,Orion(Orion: Orion) "scheduled for flight. In NASA's briefing that was held ahead of this, illustrations on the exploration plan that will make mankind reach Mars in 2020 are released.

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Here is an illustration published at briefing. Beginning with the Hubble Space Telescope and the International Space Station (ISS), a private space transport rocket to be realized in the near future, the large launch vehicle "SLS(Space Launch System) ", in addition to the planetary explorer, the figure of a spaceship heading for Mars is drawn.

The most important part of this plan will be playing the role of manned spaceshipOrionis. Orion is a spacecraft whose development has been advanced to take over after the "space shuttle plan" already completed. Details of the flight experiment to be carried out in December 2014 are introduced in the following movie in detail.

Orion: Trial By Fire - YouTube

The main capsule of the Orion spacecraft (crew module) is here. It is the same shape as the capsule used in the past Apollo plan etc, but in Orion it is characterized by the size being expanded to about 5 m in diameter · capacity is 4 people.

The flight experiment will be carried out on December 4, 2014. For launchDelta IVA rocket is used.

Upon completion of introduction to the Earth orbital, the upper cover and the launch stage of the rocket are separated, and the state transitions to the flight state on the Orion spacecraft body. Various confirmation is done in this state, the operation of the aircraft is scheduled to be checked in detail. In addition, it is checked whether safe flight can continue even if communication with the ground is cut off.

When the check is completed, it will enter the next test. It injects the engine of the Orion body and makes it reach the orbit of about 5800 km in altitude. This is about 15 times higher than the orbits of the currently operating International Space Station.

In order to reach this altitude, it exists around the earthVan Allen beltYou need to go through. The Van Allen Belt is a zone where radiation such as protons and electrons that have a bad influence on human bodies and electronic equipment concentrate, but it is a dangerous barrier to always go through to aim for full-fledged deep universe. Orion is going to go through the Van Allen belt twice a day to go and return and confirm that its safety is secured as designed.

At the end of the flight experiment, the crew module on which the crew ride is returned safely to the earth. The spacecraft reaching 30,000 km / h can reach extremely high surface temperature due to friction with air, its temperature reaches more than 2000 degrees Celsius, but Orion is protected with the latest heat-resistant equipment.

Because it means that it enters the atmosphere at ultra high speed, Orion is decelerated to a safe speed using multiple parachutes.

The main third stage parachute is said to be as big as the American football coat when expanded.

Orion, which was slowed down to about 40 km / h, will arrive at sea and will return home safely.

After the period, we analyze the vast amount of data recorded on the recording device inside the main unit, and it is supposed to confirm the safety of the aircraft as designed.

In Orion's launch experiment, NASA has implemented a program to install a microchip on the aircraft, the name of the person registered in advance. Entries have already been closed, but more than 1.3 million entries have been received.

Send Your Name to Mars

Silicon chip engraved with applicant's name. There are 1.30 million names engraved on a chip of 8 mm square.

The name for one person is extremely small, about 10 micrometers. It is a level that you need to use an electron microscope.

Messages indicating Orion's flight experiments are also inscribed.

The Orion Flight Experimental Aircraft launched to aim for the new arrival point of mankind is 7:05 AM on December 4, 2014 in the American TimeJapan time on December 4th 21: 5) Will be launched from Florida's Cape Canaveral Air Force Base. It's supposed to be streamed on NASA's site, so those who want to see the moment of launch are essential checks.

NASA Television | NASA

Orion Quick Facts' guide by NASA (page 2) is also necessary check.

Orion Quick Facts
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