What is the "break-off effect" that occurs in people who have experienced the universe?

ByNASA's Marshall Space Flight Center

The beauty of the earth seen from outer space is exceptional, and it is known that there are people whose astronauts witnessed the scene and there are people whose view of life, life view and ethics change drastically. However, the effect that people who experienced the space are good is not only good, but it has long been forgotten "Break-Off EffectThe mental influence called "break-off effect" is attracting attention again.

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Over 45,000 feet (about 14,000 meters) from the ground, the concentration of oxygen and nitrogen started to change and the color of the air started to change, reaching a high altitude exceeding 70,000 feet (about 21,000 meters) By the way, the pilot of the airplane can confirm the fact that "the earth is round" from the curvature of the horizon.

However, in this altitude around 20,000 meters, in 1956, a 37 - year - old American fighter pilot refused to fly due to a strange respiratory disorder. A research team of Navy military doctors and psychologists investigated the mysterious phenomenon that happened to the body of this fighter pilot, and as a result the number itself is small, but there are several other pilots in the high altitude area, "I was separated from the earth It feels like you are feeling as if you are separated from the real world as well "It turns out that you are experiencing a mysterious experience. This mysterious feeling was named "break-off effect".

ByUS Air Force

This break-off effect has been recognized as a material concern for the United States who has been planning manned flight to the space, continuing the space development competition with the Soviet Union, and the US rival Soviet Union also recognizes the break-off effect and solves it I felt the need for. However, it was a break-off effect that was caught as a serious problem that could seriously impede space entry in the 1950s, but it is a matter of debate as soon as manned space flight starts to realize in the 1960's It disappeared from the literature around the beginning of the 1970s.

After that, what was spoken by an astronaut who looked at the earth from space,GagarinMany impressions that stated "Beauty Beyond the Earth's Imagination", with the name "Earth was Blue", as the leader. And, by looking at the beautiful earth, we feel that we need to preserve the irreplaceable earth, and at the same time reaffirm that we also exist as part of the earth and suddenly open up to "protect the global environment"Overview effect(Overview effect) "occurred in succession and became widely known.

ByRoyce Bair

However, the view that lights again the existence of the break - off effect seemed to have disappeared appeared 40 years later. At NASAFellowsMr. Jordan Bim argues that there is some relevance to the break-off effect and the overview effect.

According to Mr. Bim, the astronaut felt "terror" by departing from the ground, but it was said that it was not the fear of "flying is not permitted due to mental instability" about. So, remembering to "lie" to overcome this fear, even when experiencing the fear of wanting to cry something, it stopped reporting. And Mr. Bim thinks that it is an overview effect that attracted attention as a reaction that astronauts no longer speak about negative information about a break-off effect.

Aerospace psychologist researcher Valerie Gaulong once studied at NASA also said that there are many pilots admitting its existence, although he did not see the break-off effect in medical literature, but "break-off effect It is like a passing ritual no longer. "

Up until now, only a few countries and government agencies such as the United States and Russia, which have enormous funds and research results, have monopolized the advance to space,SpaceXAs a representative, private space companies have grown significantly in recent years, and it is thought that the universe will become more familiar ten years later. If there will be more people, including civilians, to visit outer space, there may be a day when the break-off effect will be discussed again again.

The following movies plan a space trip using a balloonWorld View EnterprisesThe image movie of. World View Enterprises succeeded in the first flight experiment using a tenth size test machine on June 18, 2014.

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In addition, World View Enterprises is planning to realize the first space travel in 2016, and tickets for flight are pre-ordered for $ 75,000 (about 8.6 million yen).

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