The latest work of director Kunihiko Ichihara "Yuri Kumaragi" information revealed at "Yuri ★ Assobi"

"Ring Penguindrum"Or"Girl Revolutionary Utena"And so onKunihiko IchiharaDirector's latest work is "Yuri Kumaragi". The update was made gradually since the official website was opened on August 25, the other day three main casts were revealed. "Machi ★ Assortment Vol.13"As new information on this Yuri bear storm was revealed as" Yuri ★ Asobi "which is not gore ★ Asobi.

TV anime "Yuri Kumaragi" official site

TV anime 'Yuri Kumagata' official (@ yurikuma_anime) | Twitter

"Lily ★ Assobe! Stage event Gauga! Nice to meet you, Yuri Kumarashi."Mr. Masako Kawaioka of KADOKAWA Media Factory served as the moderator.

And Kurohiko Kohara appeared.

In addition, Yoshinuma Shinobu producer joined, first the promotion video was streamed. The image was only shed in the past "Kohiko Ichihara Kunihiko Exhibition" of Machi ★ Asobi of last year, and it was a rare thing that there is no plans to flow this only once this time.

From here, a question corner to Sei Hara. The concept of "Yuri Kumarashi" was born while he was making the previous work "Ringu Pen Dram". Although it was not decided that a bear will come out at this point, one of the idea of ​​"I want to do genre I've never done" is linked to Yuri bear storm. The idea that I want to do something with Mr. Akiko Morishima's character is what came out in this way.

Next on "About the staff." Meeting with Mr. Akiko Morishima who works as a draft character is probably a trigger to Twitter, and he is talking about "I will see you when the ping drum is over", and Sei Hara told me "How about together?" He seems to have spoken to the story. As I actually met with Mr. Morishima and talked to me, I heard that the desire of "I want to do this" became stronger in the director.

The screened PV wasSILVER LINK.It was produced by a rough part and a character at the stage where the detailed part of the story is not packed yet. Regarding what girls' pants came out several times, Cool Haruma commented, "I did not know how long I should serve it, because he is a rookie (lol)." It seems that this is not only the meaning of service for men but also because it was forgiven that "I do not wish it would be okay if I asked a woman around me" I heard that it was decided to do so. "I would like you to respect my courage," about what I said in my event that my family is coming.

And the story goes to "About Comicalize". Mr. Akiko Morishima is serializing to the comic bers with a comicalized version of "Yuri Kumarashi", but it seems that Mr. Morishima left it for you. There seems to be reason that it seems that scenario written by Mr. Seihara is difficult to make as it is, but according to the director, it is said that he may be inspired by Mr. Morishima's comicalization. However, there seems to be a slightly different story from the main part.

Come here, the question that Mr. Yumioka bumped is a straight thing "What is Yuri Kumarashi?" "Yuri is a stuff you know, it is not a flower," he said. "Bear" is exactly the bear of an animal, "Yuri and bears meet and a storm occurs" to "Yuri Kumagayashi", he says. "Everyone, you may think that lily and lilies, bears can not be mixed with bears absolutely, but everyone has never seen it."

By the way, as for why it is a bear, "Because it is in fashion" (laugh), Mr. Seihara. However, it seems that at the time I began making, I did not think that the bear boom was spreading like this.

Continue to the story of each character. First of all, "Yuri Shiro Ginko" and Miho Arakawa are in charge of the voice. Mr. Yumioka of the hosting cosplay of this silver core performed the event.

Mr. Arakawa acted as Takakura Yoru in 'Ringu Pengudrum', but Silver Children decided on Audition. Although there was an impression as Yomei, Silver is the opposite character, so it was chosen to be interesting there. Regarding the appearance, as well as the details of costumes, he sticks to the silhouette, "When I paint a character with Magic, which character you must figure out", Mr. Seihara. He also said that he is concerned about the interestingness of the form. The claws of bears are attached to the hands, but this seems to be what you will see as "what ?!" when you see the first episode. The character explanation is "A girl who has been transferred to the Arashi-gaka school, but her identity is" human bear (bear) "It shows a special obsession with the camellia brilliant feather, but in the past two people ..." It is said that it is already a bear, but also on this point it will become "Eh!?" If you see the main part, there are other mysteries in this sentence.

Next, "Yuri Sakura" (Yuri Sakiru) ", ​​the voice is Yoshiko Ikuta. "A girl who has stuck to a silver child and has been transferred together, her identity is naturally" human bear (bear) "! I love Silver child and develop" lily paranoia "that often tends to runaway.The honey It is my favorite food and I want to add anything to cooking. " Many parts that are likely to receive men, such as twin tails and maidish version of clothes, can be seen, but I heard that women 's opinion was quite interesting and I hated it not to be disliked. Again, Mr. Seihara asked the silhouette, it seems that details have been left a good deal. The big breast is that Segara admired that "There is such a thing!" In the existence of a mouse pad made of the character's chest (breast mouse pad), aiming at whether such a product will not appear even in his work Things.

And, "Tsubaki Kureha (Tsubaki Kureha)", voice is Yamane noamae. "A girl who goes to the Arashiyaoka Gakuen. Although her personality is cool and there are places that will not let other people close, I am open minded to Izeno Pureflower, a" friend "and a" lover. "Killing a mother with a bear Human girls that they are being and hating bears. " Ginkgo and Ruru play the part of "bear", while red wings play the part of "Yuri". A girl named Izumi Junya (Izumi no Sumika) that appears in the explanation seems to be a character that can not be issued here yet, but Seihara says, "Whatever you say with yourself, it's so bad!" He was acclaimed. What on earth are they ...?

In making a work of this genre, Mr. Kohara thought "I am impossible, there is a more amazing person". But when you try it, there are quite a few things you have not done yet, but he seems to have noticed that nobody is still doing the truth. As formerly Mobile Suit Gundam became the forerunner of Real Robot, Director Hirohara told powerfully "This genre will change with Yuri bear storm."

By the way, the T - shirt worn by Yoshinuma producer has treated the crest emerging in the work.

"Yuri Kumaragi" sticker is distributed at the KADOKAWA booth of Machi ★ Asobi Vol.

"Yuri Kumarashi" will be broadcast at MBS et al from January 2015

Staff & cast that is announced at the moment is like this. Director: Kunihiko Ihara, Character Draft: Akiko Morishima, Character Design: Etsuko Sumoto, Animation Production: SILVER LINK ..

Akiko Morishima's comicalized version is serialized to the monthly comic baz. The original is "Ikunigomaki Nako", and Mr. Seihara commented, "You do not know, are not you ... South America?

However, Mr. Morishima who is in charge of comicarization seems to have heard that it is "an alien who came from the star of sesame" about Ikunigomaki Nako, so he seems not to be just a person.

As it is an original work, what kind of works will be "Yuri Kumagi" full of mystery ... ?.

In addition, from 17 o'clock on the 12th to 17: 10, at the Tokushima City Cultural Center "Lily ★ Assobe! Cow! Nice to meet you "Yuri Kumarashi" PetitAs it is scheduled to be held, those who could not participate in the event at the summit are also looking forward to it.

◆ Yuri ★ Assortment! Cow! Nice to meet you "Yuri Kumarashi" Petit
"Exposed paradise - Expired from Paradise-"When"PSYCHO-PASS Psychopath 2During the talk event of 'Yuri Kumagi' a petit corner was held. The venue is Coco, Tokushima City Cultural Center.

The matrix of 'PSYCHO - PASS psychopath' is slippery.

Also on this screen "PV Yuri Kumagi" PV was swept away. However, as I was being told that "(PV) can only be seen here" at the summit, it was a short version that flowed. I could not see the pants that Mr. Hara told me how much I was worried about how to serve.

Mr. Yumioka, a spokesperson, was also here to showcase the distribution of stickers at the cosplay. After that it was distributed in front of cinema.

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