Multitasking which uses PC, smartphone, tablet etc. at the same time may lower the cognitive function of the brain


Performing multiple tasks simultaneously "Multitasking"Is inevitable for busy modern people, but in recent years, burden on the mind and body such as not only a decrease in work efficiency but also an increase in stress and an adverse effect on brain function has been pointed out. Meanwhile, the fact that brain functions are declining has been revealed from studies investigating the brains of people who frequently use "simultaneous use of multiple terminals" simultaneously using multiple hardware such as PCs and smart phones.

Higher Media Multi-Tasking Activity Is Associated with Smaller Gray-Matter Density in the Anterior Cingulate Cortex
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Dr. Cep Kee Raw at Susukkusu University Sculle Center in the UKRyota KanaiThe doctor's research group conducted a questionnaire survey on how to use media terminals such as mobile phones and computers for 75 adult subjectsFMRIWe tested the brain structure using. As a result, a group of people who frequently use several media terminals at the same time, compared with a group of people who do not use concurrently,Anterior cingulate cortex(ACC)ofgray matterIt became clear that the density is small.

This is a graph in which the vertical axis represents the density of ACC and the horizontal axis represents the multimedia tasking index (MMI). We can see the relationship that ACC density is lower for subjects who frequently use multiple terminals at the same time (higher MMI).

The anterior cingulate cortex is regarded as a part related to cognitive functions such as empathy and emotion, and the research team has found that the gray matter density is small is pointed out in previous research, "Cognitive function of the brain by multitasking and society A causal relationship with deterioration of emotional sentiment ".

ByJean-Philippe Daigle

Although detailed mechanisms of simultaneous use of media terminals and their influence on brain function have not yet been clarified, Dr. Low said, "While multitasking of media terminals is becoming common in daily life, We are concerned about the decline and the adverse effect on feeling of happiness.I think that our research will be the start of the research to clarify the causal relation between multitasking and the influence on brain function. "

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