I can not stop thinking unexpectedly, "dance traffic lights" that made people nailed

A street corner object that suddenly dances out with traffic lights that do not keep their eyes just by looking at themselves quickly is attracting a lot of topics. A car maker createdDancing signal machineThe state of the movie and its making image are released on YouTube.

The Dancing Traffic Light

This attempt was made by automakersSmart(Smart) was done. "smartIf there is an idea the city will be a better place. " People who stop their mind unexpectedly seem to be appearing one after another by boring signals that are sometimes ignored normally.

"Everyone, it is unpleasant to wait"

No matter how much signal it is, the person crossing the roadway does not go behind.

Some people will cross over without doing anything as much as the car approaches.

"The pedestrian crossing where the signal exists can become the most dangerous place rather than that"

"But, if it comes to having fun" waiting "...?

Such a trial was made "Dancing Traffic Signal"

The usual red light in the standing state ... ...

Suddenly I began to dance Norinori dance

The pedestrian will notice myself unintentionally.

In the square,Saturday Night FeverA figure of Mr. Akanaka who smiles a pose of Nara.

It seems to be a huge box.

Go inside ... ...

The appearance that the figure danced in the building is projected as it is on the signal.

Even if it hangs and hangs on the ceiling ......

Play it exquisitely as it is.

It seems that many people enjoyed dancing and signaling one after another.

Thanks to this dance signal, 81% more pedestrians came to protect the signal than usual.

And of course, I enjoyed myself and protected the signal.

It is a smart red light which has become able to protect the signal as intended, but making image of such a signal is made public on YouTube.

Making Of: The Dancing Traffic Light

What is used in this signal is a panel that can display images by spreading LEDs.

It is a state that the two color panels of green and red are prepared.

Many design sketches and ... ...

A mind map has been created. Here, you can find the characters "Kinect" and "raspberry Pi" that would have been used for development.

A number of arranged panels. Is it a panel and control device for one signal with two units?

Construction began in July 2014, late at night in the square of Lisbon, Portugal.

The outer wall of the building will be assembled in a convenient way.

Around the time the night began to dawn a little, the box of the building began to appear.

A worker installing the outer wall panel.

The LED panel of the previous time is incorporated in traffic lights.

LED panels stacked in this way ... ...

It became a huge multi-screen.

The sun rises all the time, people begin gathering in the plaza.

Select the music genre on the tablet screen ......

Dance! It is a lot of good waist.

Ozzy little owner ....

Sexy older sister danced a dance.

Although it seems like a fun dancing signal, unfortunately there are no plans to do it outside Lisbon at the moment.

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