A nude picture of actress and athlete again mass leakage

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In early SeptemberLarge volumes of nude images of well-known Hollywood actresses and singersI posted it as an article, but celebrities' private photos again leaked. At the moment the original coming-out is unknown, but the photos are circulating on the Internet via the image bulletin board 4chan and Reddit.

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You can see how two nude images of Hollywood actresses leaked out of iCloud last time from the following two articles.

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Photographs newly leaked also leaked through iCloudJennifer LawrenceAndHayden PanettiereMr.,Kim KardashianMr.,Vanessa · HudgensMr.,Mary-Kate Olsen, Soccer playerHope · SoloIncluding san and others.

Although photos were uploaded to 4chan and Reddit around 20th September and deleted immediately, it is hard to completely delete photos that once appeared on the Internet, so it has been circulated on many websites It is the present condition.

Articles on Beta NewsIn the comment column of "Various websites and movies are introduced," You can check the leaked photos here. "

The following is an example.


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I do not yet know how the photo leaked out this time, but Apple announces that the outflow in the beginning of September is an attack targeted at iCloud's user name, password, secret question. It is said that hackers are more likely to be targeted because the camera roll of the iOS terminal is set by default to automatically back up to iCloud. It seems necessary to keep in mind that spill cases like this time are never other people's affairs.

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