A 24-year-old woman without a cerebellum born in China can be found

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Born in a state where a part of the body and organs are missingBirth defectA part of the hands and legs has been missing by natureCongenital limb deficiencyOr one of the lumbar spine is missingCongenital lumbar defectThere are many cases such as. There are many brain congenital defects which are one of the most important organs of the human body, and a part of it is occupied by many, but in ChinacerebellumI found a 24 year old woman who was completely deficient.

Woman of 24 found to have no cerebellum in her brain - health - 10 September 2014 - New Scientist

A 24 - year - old woman was to learn the fact of the shock when he was consulted at Jinan Hospital in Jinan, China. When a doctor consulted a woman complaining of symptoms such as dizziness and nausea, it was found that the woman had troubled with walking ability and speech ability until 7 years old, and the woman was in a state where he could not walk straight even well at the time of examination .

A doctor to find out the inside of a woman's bodyCT scanIt was surprisingly found that the cerebellum was completely lacking in the brain of a woman. In the subsequent investigation, where the cerebellum should beCerebrospinal fluid, And it also proved to play a role like a defensive barrier to protect the brain from pathogenic bacteria.

The cerebellum located under both hemispheres of the cerebrum regulates equilibrium, muscle tone, voluntary muscle movement, etc. It is known that problems in the cerebellum cause movement disorder.

Although people who were born without a cerebellum have been reported, there are few cases of symptoms that occurred due to the absence of cerebellum, as lifespan is extremely short. However, because the woman found this time is 24 years old, doctors are also shocked.

A doctor who consulted a woman said, "If the cerebellum is missing, it causes serious problems that interfere with life, but her symptoms are fairly light, far exceeding expectations," he said. Mario Manto, who is studying cerebellar disease at the University of Brussels in Belgium, said: "The surprising thing about this discovery is that there is a possibility that another part of the brain is responsible for the cerebellum's original role. In the future, further investigation will be carried out and we will clarify how the female brain works.

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