What is "Connecting Wheelchair" packed with the latest technology developed by Intel and Dr. Stephen Hawking?

Intel, one of the largest semiconductor manufacturers, is known as a "wheelchair physicist"Stephen HawkingIn collaboration with Dr., we developed a new "connecting wheelchair" that has evolved from the past.

Stephen Hawking, Intel Unveil a Connected Wheelchair | Re / code

Fact Sheet: Kegs, Wheelchairs and Big Rigs - Kegs_Wheelchairs_and_Big_Rigs.pdf
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Many people in the worldPresentation of new iPhone etc.On that day, Intel announced "Connected Wheelchair" developed in cooperation with Dr. Hawking. The newly designed car body is a six wheel type in which two driving wheels and two auxiliary wheels are arranged before and after the two driving wheels. In addition to being able to run as usual, health data such as the heart rate of a person riding a wheelchair and the state of the vehicle body It is said that it has a function to "connect" to monitor and send it.

You can see the development of the wheelchair and the way you are actually traveling in the YouTube movie below.

Stephen Hawking and the Intel Connected Wheelchair Project

Dr. Hawking born in 1942 is 72 years old this year. As a studentAmyotrophic lateral sclerosis(ALS), but we have retained numerous important research. In the past, I was using a method of sensing the movement of my thumb and cheek, entering letters and talking using synthesized speech, but the input speed was declining due to gradually progressive illness.

It was Intel's intern interns who developed the new "connecting wheelchair". We proceeded with the development of a wheelchair that can handle data by developing a dedicated platform.

Intel has been collaborating with Dr. Hawking for a long time.

In the past, I developed a face recognition character input device in collaboration with doctor.

Intel is developing a new input method for Dr. Steven Hawking - GIGAZINE

Work room where development can continue.

Experiments were also conducted to confirm the running performance by actually getting in the car.

For developing the system, Intel's development platformGalileouse.

The body has a camera and a body monitoring device.

It is possible to check data such as heart rate on tablet screen etc.

In addition, it is said that data such as the running log of the car body is collected and stored.

We have not released much data yet, but it may be a useful technique for the coming aging society as well as those who suffer from disease.

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