I went to "Funasy no FUNAcafe" where a queue of more than 6 hours waited on the first day of opening

Speaking of Funasshi, she appeared on television programs including red and white singing fight, and various goods were released, and since last year I have seen social phenomena in various places, but on September 2 ( Fire) Store selling various menus with motif from motifs for a limited time "Funassy's FUNAcafe"Opened in the 7F restaurant floor of Shibuya Parco PART 1. "Fuji Shiba Burger"Or"Illusion Mousse - with pear juice ~I had all the menus that I enjoyed even if I saw it, so I went to the store at once.

Funassy's FUNAcafe | OTHER SPACES | Parco Art. Com

Shibuya Parco PART 1 where Funasy FUNAcafe enters will be able to see the building as soon as you enter Shibuya Koen line.

About 5 minutes walk from Shibuya station.

Looking at the entrance of the shop ......

Discovered the FUNAcafe pop of Funousei.

When I entered the building, there was a sign with a written description of Funassie's way to FUNAcafe.

Follow the signs on the signboard and take the elevator to the 6th floor.

The place which is also on the 6th floor is written on the signboard.

When I went to the designated place on the 6 th floor, many people were already visiting, even 30 minutes before opening at 11 o'clock. It seems that there were many people who came to Parco at the beginning.

Goods sales department is also opening with FUNAZA FUNAcafe, but goods department can enter without queue compared to cafe.

The queue extended from the 6th floor to the bottom floor.

A few people are sitting in.

In any case to the lower floor

At 10:30, the last tail seemed to have more than 100 people in the queue near the second floor. After this, the queue grew, and it was confirmed that the matrix extended to the first basement level.

Only after that I just lined up in the queue.

As the row goes up in the queue, "Waiting time to enter the store" It is about 3 hours now in this place ... ....

Two and a half hours and a poster was posted in increments of 30 minutes. Because it was the first day I was queued longer than the waiting time of the guideline being posted, and it was arranged for about 6 hours until entering the store.

After a while in a row, there was a sign with a menu drawn. Especially sold-out etc. did not come out in the evening.

Finally to the 6th floor.

When I line up a bit, there was a poster "It's about one and a half hour now in this place waiting time to enter the store", but in fact it waited for about two hours from here.

The guests who visited seemed to be considerably tired in line with the queue for a long time. Most of them are female customers.

After a while, the clerk came and handed me the menu.

Menu is meal and dessert

There are 12 kinds of drinks in total. Most of foods and desserts exceed 1000 yen, drinks were cheap and 580 yen. This time we ordered "Futanobaga (tax not included 1280 yen)" · "Illusion mousse ~ with pear juice ~ (1280 yen without tax) ·" plenty pear juice soup (980 yen without tax) ". Because it was crowded, I was taking orders before entering the store.

Finally I arrived at the 7th floor of a restaurant floor with a cafe.

I got to a little more place in front of the shop.

A poppy pop with coffee in front of the store welcomes you.

There was a man who was doing a Futsushi headband in front of the shop.

Headband seems to be used when taking a commemorative photo with Futari.

People entering the cafe can take a commemorative photo with Futari and if they wish, the clerk will take a picture.

Before opening at 11 o'clock, we went to the store before 17 o'clock. I should have come to eat lunch, but almost time for dinner.

The shop clerk's shirt feels like it can not be seen in the blue color of Futosei.

Counter seats and table seats are prepared inside the shop ... ...

There were a lot of tables in the back, and there were quite a few audience seats.

Fuji's picture is drawn on the wall ......

Many cafe original wall paintings were decorated.

The display was released from PARCO publication "Funassy's picture book Funasshi no Ohashi"The slide was flowing.

Looking at the back of the table seat ......

A DJ booth was prepared.

This time it was introduced to the table seat.

The original bedding was placed on the table, and it seemed that there were quite a few people who took home with them.

About 10 minutes after sitting in the seat, the drink "plump pear juice soda" arrived.

Special coasters and ... ...

The key holder attached to the straw can take home.

Pear jellies and mints are on the drink.

You can see the blue sediment at the bottom of the soda.

First of all, when eating from pear jelly, the taste of pear is felt firmly and the sweetness is just right. If you smoke with a straw you can enjoy a different texture than eating with a spoon.

I felt a fresh pear taste from the transparent soda part. Carbonic acid is not so strong, it seems easy for drinking people to be weak.

The light blue part of the bottom was like a ramune, it was a pudding like texture.

Subsequently, "Fuji shiba burger" arrived arriving with the face of Futosei drawn.

The face of Funassy is drawn with mint leaves, paste, ketchup and it is quite real.

Buns are bigger than ingredients, making it gradual.

Taking the upper yellow buns, a well-baked patty appeared.

On the bottom are onion, tomato and lettuce.

The light blue buns taste like ramune.

I will bring it in my hand and eat it.

Although it was a hamburger of the event stuff, although I did not expect it to the taste so far, Patty which beef became coarse ground while being small is feeling rare and it feels good. The buns with the color of the upper row and the lower row seemed to be not so different from the colorless buns. Just because there are few ingredients compared to the buns, it was lacking in force and the taste was felt thin because the sauce was not painted.

Potatoes with skin and texture of Hokkeoku.

There are plenty of mustard and ketchup, so you can use it as much as you want.

Finally the dessert 'Illusion Mousse - with pear juice' arrived. The dish is covered with a transparent lid and smoke is on fire

The state of removing the lid of "Illusion mousse ~ with pear juice" can be confirmed from the following movie.

Funabashi's FUNAcafe 'Illusion Mousse ~ Appearing with pear juice' smoke comes out - YouTube

When opening the lid, the clerk took a cup that had dry ice.

From the reverse side, you can check the lying Faulty.

The mousse's face used a red sauce of mint, chocolate, berry type.

On the back are things that look like fasteners are drawn in chocolate.

Mango · strawberry · raspberry etc. colorfully fruit.

In the whipped creamAlathanIt was topped with.

It is recommended to eat specially made pear sauce with mousse.

Put a fork on the face of Funassy and eat it from the yellow part.

The yellow part feels a little taste of mango, you can enjoy the soft texture of the mousse. The part of the face of the topping was not so much affecting the taste.

The blue part was seasoned with sour cream, and sourness was felt. Because the sweetness is also predicated on multiplying sauces and yellow parts, it is understatement.

Since I am not sweet enough, I will try applying a source of pear.

Sweetness of pear was added and the sweetness became just right.

Because the cream is modestly modest, it may be better to apply a source of pears.

Since fruit makes your mouth fresh, you might as well eat it in the last person.

When I left the store and went outside the store, there was a signboard waiting 3 hours before the shop. It seems there were many customers who gave up giving up lining at the peak at the first day.

When I left PARCO, the sun was beginning to gloom. Saturday and Sunday may be crowded further, so it may be better for me to go to the shop in mind.

Funasshi 's FUNAcafe is limited until the 30 th of this month, and it is open from 11 o'clock to 23 o'clock (22 hood last order, drink last order 22 o'clock). There is a possibility that it may line up more than Disney Land, but if it is a funerary fan, it may be good to visit because it is limited for a limited time.

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