Ghostwriter who performs writing agency writing confesses the reality

BySharon Drummond

Papers and graduation theses to be submitted for college entrance examinations are not a big problem for those who are good at writing, but it is a difficult task for those who are not good at writing. A man who writes the paper in place of the student who managed to finish the paper without writing it manually, a man who actually operates the paper writing agency service clarified its inner circumstances.

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In the past three years Eunice Park undertook writing agency for more than 350 university application papers, most of which was request from rich Chinese exchange student. The common point of Chinese exchange students who are requesting papers is that they should not write attractive sentences that will encourage dissertation examiners. In addition, there were many foreign students who did not understand what the dissertation examiner requested from the application for admission.

ByAlan Cleaver

Representative proceedings are not just about writing papers by receiving requests. In order to write a paper at the level required for entering university, it is absolutely necessary to meet with the client. In an interview that may take a day, we will listen to various stories from the birth of the client to the present.

In addition to talks about families and assets and other things other than parents in early childhood was heard in an interview and asked to appeal to the feelings of the examiner, such as "humanity" and "walls overcoming" Pick up the experience of the person and set it as the main theme of the thesis.

For example, in the case of a female Chinese exchange student, parents did not make time to spend together in their childhood easily, so at that time "parents are reluctant to exist, so they always make themselves alone" As I was growing up, as my parents became adults, my parents had sacrificed time and money to get me a high level of education, I was thinking of my happiness the best He told me that he understood that he understood it.


Park looked at this story and made a dissertation that appealed to the mind of the thesis examiner. As a result, women were able to enter the top university in the United States where they wanted spectacularly. In addition to this woman, among the clients who Mr. Park has worked on, the federation consisting of eight university-leading prestigious universities in the world who wrote the agency wrote "Ivy · LeagueThere are also people who entered into.

Depending on the number of letters in the paper, the fee for the paper substitution is about 400 dollars (about 41 thousand yen) at the market price, and it is said that you can earn 2000 dollars (about 210 thousand yen) in 2 weeks. The payment of the fee is not a bank transfer, but it will be handed over by personal delivery so that no record will be left.

ByArk Belokopytov

Although writing agency writing is not a violation, it is sometimes criticized from an ethical point of view, and if it goes to the university to which the paper is submitted, there is also the possibility that the student will receive some sort of disposition. There are also papers and homework agents in Japan, and as September when the summer vacation is over comes closerHomework alternatives become busyIt is not uncommon for me.

Park seems to have thought many times "I will quit studying the paper." The reason is that for clients who do not have the experience of becoming the main theme of admission papers, they may have their own experiences as the main theme and seem to make their precious life experience a property of others Because it may fall into a sense. However, Ms. Park, who does not hold any hope in the future of himself, was to prepare a dissertation paper for another person at the PC again when the request for the substitute for thesis began to increase.

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