What is the technology "WiFi Backscatter" that is optimal for IoT capable of wireless communication without battery?

ByGilad Lotan

Technology that enables mutual exchange of information between two products by connecting all kinds of "items" such as home appliances and automobiles to the Internet "Internet of Things (IoT: Mono's Internet)"Is expected as a next generation information and communication technology. To the conventional approach of connecting things as if they were small PCs and connected to the Internet by connecting the Internet world as a hub, "By applying radar technology and directly connecting items and things, data exchange It is a completely different technology "WiFi Backscatter"Was announced.

WiFi Backscatter

New devices run on Wi-Fi signals alone - CNET

The concept of wireless communication using WiFi Backscatter is explained in the following movie.

WiFi Backscatter: Connecting RF-Powered Devices to the Internet - YouTube

Wi-Fi used for Internet communication consumes too much electric power. Can you access the Internet without a battery?

WiFi Backscatter can exchange information without a battery. Would the mechanism reflect (transmit) radio waves received by "RF Powered Device" (wireless powered device) from the Wi - Fi router to other terminals such as PC ...

Switching whether it does not reflect at all or not and transmitting the signal as binary digital data by turning on / off the signal at high speed.

With WiFi Backscatter technology, the power required to connect to the Internet is 10 microwatts (0.01 milliwatts) and this power is wirelessly fed, so the battery is unnecessary for RF Powered Device.

I will experiment the movement of WiFi Backscatter. The machine surrounded by red circles is RF Powered Device, and data is transmitted by intermittently reflecting radio waves from the Wi - Fi router.

The way the RF Powered Device transmits is displayed on the monitor at the bottom right of the screen.

A black machine on the left of the screen is a Wi - Fi router.

Data sent by the RF Powered Device is displayed on the display at the back of the screen.

We have been able to transmit data by switching ON / OFF switching radio waves from the Wi - Fi router and reflecting it.

"WiFi Backscatter" technology that transmits data by intermittently reflecting Wi-Fi radio waves was developed by a research team of Associate Professor Siam Gorakata of the Department of Computer Science, University of Washington.

The technology behind the WiFi Backscatter is used in fighter planesStealthinessSo, electricallyRadar reflection cross sectionIt is said that Wi-Fi radio waves are intermittently reflected by enlarging or minimizing (Radar cross-section). We have already succeeded in communicating at a speed of 1 kb per second at a distance of 2 meters and we plan to extend the distance over which wireless communication is possible to 20 meters in the future.

Since WiFi Backscatter does not require a battery for data transmission, it can be said that it is perfect for transforming clothing and other things into data terminals as well as smart home appliances and from the fact that existing Wi - Fi environments can be used as they are It seems to be expected as a perfect technology for realizing the Internet of.

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