I tried using the room searching application "mollio" to narrow down the rooms I want to live as if they were interacting

People who have experience experiencing searching rooms based on various conditions such as rent, size, distance from the station, etc. are often on rental service company 's websites which often takes care of when they try to borrow a new room I think there is. Usually I think that after specifying various conditions first you narrow down your favorite rooms,Mollio(Morio) first answers to the three questions "Who do you live with"? "How much do you live?" "Where do you go?" "Where do you often go?" To answer the three questions, is.

Mollio ~ Like a real estate agent, room search application ~

Search not required, announcement of room searching application "mollio" which seems to be receiving a customer at a real estate agent - Press release of Ascasia Inc.

Mollio, "an application created by a real estate agent", first sets rough conditions, judges the proposed room as "worrisome" or "cancellation" and analyzes his preference Then, it gradually brings it closer to the room that suits my needs. It seems like it is like searching for a room of your choice while saying "It is neither ah nor awesome" with the staff at the counter of the rental service company.

Mollio isIOS versionWhenAndroid versionSince it has been released, install the necessary one. Since contents are the same contents, you can choose either.

To receive push notification from mollio, select "OK" and tap "Start" on the next screen.

To use the application, tap "Start new". If you want to continue the search based on the history from the first time onwards until the last time, tap "Start with continuation" OK.

We set three kinds of conditions from here. Choose the number of men and women living in the room, the number of children, the presence / number of pets, and tap "Next".

Next, set the desired rent in thousand yen units and tap "Next".

And finally set the area you want to live. You can set conditions according to your convenience from "Choose from destination (often going to station)" "Select from station you want to live" "Choose from address".

For example, here is the screen when you select "Destination (Frequently Visited Station)". Choose transportation methods from the "train" "car" "walk" to the destination.

Set a destination you often go to. We will select the "prefecture" "route" "station name" and the required time to the destination from the pull-down menu.

Confirm the set conditions and tap "Next". It is also possible to set multiple conditions here.

The condition setting is now set up. When you tap "Search for rooms", the application will suggest rooms one after another based on your desired conditions.

The first room was displayed. It was a property located 9 minutes on foot from Kashiwa station of JR Joban Line.

When I checked the required time on Google map, I got a result of 1 hour 7 minutes from Kashiwa station. It is about the same condition as "within 60 minutes by train" which was set this time.

On the screen of the proposed room, you can check detailed information as follows. The condition was set up with 2 adult men and women and 1 pet, so the room layout was 3 LDK, the rent was 135 thousand yen, and the room was "Pet consultation allowed".

If you are concerned about the contents of the room, press the "worrisome" button and put a check on the property. After checking, you can also see the next property or contact you immediately.

Conversely, if the impression of the room was not good, tap "Pass" and check the reasons as applicable. The result of putting this check is recorded as your preference and it is reflected in the next room search.

In this way, it was possible to see rooms that fit the conditions steadily.

When I tried manipulating it for a while and seeing the room, I noticed that in a nice sense the type of room I was not expecting was proposed. As in the case of a common search, because the probability of hitting a room that has never met is high by the method of finely deciding the conditions such as the area and the size of the room at first, searching for an unexpectedly surprising room It may be possible.

At the time of article creation, the area corresponding to mollio is only Tokyo, Saitama, Chiba, Kanagawa Prefecture, but if you are thinking about moving in the near future, it seems to be good It is an application.

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