Test operation starts with some new functions that Twitter does not care about remaining characters

If you are using Twitter, it seems that you have been plagued once, "Characters 140 characters limit", Twitter is limited to some users A new retweet feature "Comment and retweetIt seems that test operation of "It started.

Twitter Testing Ways to Add Commentary to Retweets

Since the character limit of 140 characters is also consumed by tweets written by someone other than me, even if there is an interesting tweet, there were cases in which comments could not be freely written depending on the number of remaining characters. It is a new function that is named "commented and retweet" that seems to solve such inconvenience. As shown in the screen below, you can usually see the button "Retweet with Comment (Commented Retweet)" written on "Button Quoted Tweet".

And here is the screen when we actually retweet. The original tweet is displayed in a separate frame (Twitter card) and you can see that your comment has been retweeted without being restricted by the number of characters. If you look at the display on the screen, your comments and the original tweet content are displayed separately, so many people may find it easier to see than before.

Also, some users seem to be able to use functions that allow you to change the arrangement of letters and images. In the past, images that were conventionally fixed under sentences are moved over the sentences by rearranging the layout It is also possible to be possible.

Both functions are mobile specific functions for iOS / Android, and the official operation start time etc are completely undecided.

In addition, Twitter refuses comments on this matter.

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