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Kodansha's monthly comic magazine "Monthly boy rival"But,Closed on July issue of June 4 (Wed) release. The magazine whose launch was announced in conjunction with the "Comic Bonbon" in November 2007 was announced, it was made by devising a different concept by not being a successor magazine of bonbon. Kodansha is scheduled to launch a new boys' comic magazine in 2015.

By the way, GIGAZINE of one year ago wrote such an article.

PC chair & desk "Emperor 1510 LX" that can work and study in the near future SF-like atmosphere - GIGAZINE

I tried to actually use "Square leader" which can make iPhone, iPad etc. substitute for credit card payment check - GIGAZINE

Danbo-shaped iPhone 5 times large capacity battery "cheero Power Plus DANBOARD version" - GIGAZINE

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Mr. Koppo agrees to withdraw major papers STAP cell research to a blank sheet - MSN Sankei News

Decided to enter the healthcare field Through the new company "DeNA Life Science Co., Ltd." Genetic testing "MYCODE (My code)" service started from late July | DeNA Co., Ltd. 【DeNA】

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NHK news to submit amendment to the law prohibiting possession of child pornography

Also, concerning the handling of cartoons, animation, CG, it is deleted from the original plan based on concerns such as "freedom of expression is threatened", and it is excluded from the regulation.

Child pornography prohibition law amendment bill, Legislative Committee deliberation deliberation deliberation - Togetter Summary

Net: Dragoner. It seems that the Sankei Shimbun posted a prostitution guide on its website → silently deleted,

VAIO Co., Ltd. can become Sony like apart from Sony "Japan-like management" noticed only after losing the scale battle | Revive the Hinomaru manufacturing industry! "Ultra high-speed grinding type" recommendation of manufacturing | diamond online

Elementary school morning assembly "as if you are a pub" Loud repetition, criticism on the net - 47 NEWS (Yoana News)

IoT changes industry - [New insurance products] Vehicle data creates new insurance products: ITpro

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China Kinki Tokai is rainy season NHK News

Baiu rainy season in various places has been delayed 8 days in Chugoku and Kinki and 7 days in Tokai in Tokai from last year.

Shikoku, Kinki etc. Very fierce rain fear NHK News

Work at work, not as stressful as at home = research - WSJ

Gorgeous sleeper train Operation after 3 years JR East NHK News

The train is a 10-car train, with 17 rooms including dining and lounges, plus a cabin of 2 people. The two highest-class deluxe suites are equipped with a bathtub and one room is a two-storey maisonette type.
In addition, the leading car is a viewing space with a glass, which means that you can enjoy a view with a more open feeling by lowering the position of the cab and widening the space.

【Recipe】 Gucci Yuzo's confidence work! "Sushi and Nima no Somen" is simple but delicious! - Life Hack Blog Ko's Style

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Hatsune Miku × DELMO 3D modeling contest

Toshiba 's NAND flash was created by "mid - chaos" and the use of foreign molecules was the key to success: JBpress (Japan Business Press)

Billing DDoS attack on AWS. There seems to be no effective measure. - Yoshida's blog

When receiving DDoS attacks on data transfer and AWS services charged for the number of requests, the service may not go down. However, many of the services that have endpoints on the Internet are charged for the amount of data transfer and the number of requests, so that DDoS attacks can not aim at software or hardware downtime, but services Attack aiming at the provider's wallet is assumed. Wow.

I tried to examine it in various ways, but effective solutions have not been found.

Apple showed, secret of "overthrowing android" | original | oriental economy online | business site for new generation leaders

? ... iPod touch sold more than 100 million, iPad 200 million, iPhone 500 million more sold. But more incredible things are going on. That's the fact that in the past year, there are more than 130 million people who purchased Apple's devices for the first time. Most people switch from android. They misplaced the android phone and bought it. They have moved to iOS for better experience, better life.
? 97% of iOS 7 users are satisfied. Currently, 89% of iOS users are using the latest version of iOS 7. In contrast, in the case of android, only 9% use the latest kitkat. Many people use a version that is said to be "ancient" four years ago.
Android boasts a 99% share among malware in mobile. It's a device that is not safe at all. Why is not Apple? That's because we are doing our best ...

Nobuyuki Hayashi's WWDC 2014 points commentary: Accelerate iPhone experience "iOS 8" - To the user-driven era (1/3) - ITmedia PC USER

Apple's new language "Swift" - 10 points to keep - ZDNet Japan

I made iPhone - Swift RSS Reader with 100 lines - Qiita

I investigated whether I write about Swift or iOS 8 is NDA violation - Qiita

Swift First Impression - mizchi's blog

ASCII.jp: How to make a good photography request to a photographer (1) - How to search, price of photography fee | Power up content! Web site editing technique

The price of shooting fee is 1 point between ¥ 2,000 and ¥ 20,000

Aggregated contents alteration occurred in CDNetworks and a series of malware infection incidents again - piyolog

On June 3, 2014, CDNetworks announced that the company's CDN service suffered security breach and accompanying content tampering occurred. Here we will summarize content alteration that occurred in CDNetworks and a series of incidents in which malware was diffused.

Chiku-Tan's SIer terrible story ranking - Togetter Summary

Which Vector SHOW !! SVG vs Web Fonts Compare - WP - E (Tentative) Web Professional Education

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Results of seeing Sunshine pasture in mixi for the first time in several years - Touf system

【Special Exhibition Gaudi × Takehiko Inoue】 The 4th Way of Gaudi Knowy - YouTube

"Touch" and "CIPHER" and twin microcosms - wHite_caKe

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Ennio Morricone tells himself - a book and strange smoke

Cats jump out before the lace horse group / Oi Race horse: 〓 ね こ メ モ 〓

What J PRIDE: 【AC War ranking】 Se playing back again

Gomez, as early as possible from the 9 teams to one base to the fastest eleven team in the history on the 17th the shortest

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Disk HDTV Blu-ray Disc Recorder DIGA (DIGA) Releases DMR-BZT665 | Press Releases | News | Panasonic Corporate Information | Panasonic

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