The camera can be miniaturized with a 133-megapixel image sensor that can shoot a full resolution 8K Super Hi-Vision image with 1 piece

Designed to be able to use commercially available 35 mm full-size steel camera lenses, with one image sensor (imaging element)8K Super Hi-Vision(7680 × 4320) A prototype of 133 million pixel image sensor capable of taking picturesNHK Giken Open 2014It was exhibited in.

Exhibit item 20 333 million pixel image sensor | NHK Institute of Technology Open 2014 - Kokoro moving technology -

8K Super Hi - Vision is an ultra - high - definition image of 33 million pixels, which is 16 times the high - vision currently being broadcast.

Up to now, in order to shoot 8K Super Hi-Vision images, we needed three image sensors for RGB and a color separation prism, which seems to make it difficult to miniaturize the camera. Therefore, an image sensor capable of shooting 8K Super Hi-Vision images with one image sensor was developed. The frame frequency of the image sensor released this time is 60 Hz.

Increasing the number of pixels of the image sensor reduces the sensitivity as the area per pixel decreases. So it seems that with 133 megapixel image sensor it is possible to secure an area per pixel by using an image sensor of a larger size than the conventional one to suppress the decrease of sensitivity.

And by designing so that the diagonal of the image pickup surface is almost the same as 35 mm full size, it is designed so that a commercially available 35 mm full-size steel camera lens can be used.

In the 133 million pixel image sensor, 4 pixels of the image sensor constitute one pixel of the video signal.

At the booth, we were shooting images using this 133 million pixel image sensor.

The specifications of the 133 million pixel image sensor are as follows.

Optical size: 35 mm full size
Sensor type: CMOS image sensor
Number of effective pixels: Horizontal 15360 × vertical 8640
Pixel size: 2.45 micrometers × 2.45 micrometers
Imaging surface size: Horizontal 37.6 mm × vertical 21.2 mm (diagonal 43.2 mm)
Color filter: Bayer array
Frame frequency: 60 Hz
tone: 12 bits
package: 1125 pin micro PGA

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