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A compact body of 185 mm × 67 mm × 66 mm equipped with a high-output digital amplifier with practical maximum output of 20 WWireless portable speaker "SRS-X3"Sony will release it on June 21. It supports wireless long time playback with the built-in battery up to about 7 hours, and charging from the PC is also possible using the Micro-USB cable. Besides Bluetooth, NFC is also included, and if you use the one-touch listening function, you can connect and use easily without thinking about pairing just by holding the smartphone equipped with NFC. The weight is about 850 g, and the color is white, black and red, there are 3 kinds, the price is expected to be around 15,000 yen.

By the way, GIGAZINE of one year ago wrote such an article.

"7 Min :: A Quick Workout Timer" that counts 12 exercises that can maximize effect in just 7 minutes - GIGAZINE

Discovered that the operator of the web service performing DDoS attack is working at FBI - GIGAZINE

Yahoo! Acquires Tumblr for Over 110 Billion Yen - GIGAZINE

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Enoden and JK

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Kawasaki disease in Japan or wind from China 1 pictures International news: AFPBB News

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"Katayama defendant buried sufho buried himself?" Coincident part coverage of press coverage and email verification summary - free book of satoru.net

HDD case, the sender self-proved by Kyoku → tracking number. "Content is just a TV recording" - free scrip at satoru.net

DNA smoke attachment DNA Katayama responds with the same sentence as the real culprit email - Sponichi Annex society

Remote control incident Charged rescission of bail bail NHK News

Remote control case Katayama defendant "I am the real culprit" NHK News

According to the defense group, Katayama was unable to contact after 10:20 am on the 19th, and did not appear on the interview scheduled for the afternoon, but according to the stakeholders, 19th It means that the lawyer was informed about 9:30 pm.
Among them, Katayama acknowledged that "he is the real culprit", he said that he sent himself the mail that arrived on the 16th of this month.

"I tried to die but I could not die" "I wanted to finish the case as soon as possible" "Psychopaths myself" "Mothers reassuring myself motivated this time" - a free book of satoru.net

I knew the coverage on the river bed and thought "I can not stop it", I thought of suicide.
I headed to Mt. Takao. Wandering around the mountains. I tried to hang my neck with a belt, but it ran out.
I bought a necktie, bought a new belt, tried it but I could not die, so I give up and got off the mountain.
I hid under the station's home and tried many times to jump into the train.
I apologized to Mr. Sato at the station. Sato attorney persuaded him to stop suicide.
As I approached Shinjuku, I told "I will cut it soon" and once hang up on the spot.
Lawyer Sato tells me that I am "tomorrow again" After I hung up, I called back, but I could not connect with my power turned off

PC remote control incidents: Katayama, 4 admitting all involvement - Mainichi Newspaper

Katayama was accused of arresting four people mistakenly, was feeling that it was done: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, withdrawing from violation of orders Known by Yoshida document: Asahi Shimbun Digital

TEPCO has been fighting over the field for over three years due to this order violation.

Chief Cabinet Secretary Yukio Yoshida is not stated as a reason for "not releasing": Asahi Shimbun Digital

"Sukiya", because of the large number of stores where closures stand out: Nikkei Business Online

"Suki House", a leading beef bowl whose 184 shops are temporarily closed as of mid-May due to lack of personnel and renovation of stores. What kind of countermeasures are you thinking of President Kentaro Ogawa who is the top of Zensho Holdings that it manages?

Sanyo Shokai, "Burberry" end of sales to sales 30% equivalent: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

Kyoto University School of Medicine Materials Museum: 731 Unit Expansion and Removal Shortly after the opening - Mainichi Newspapers

More than 160,000 dead people in the Syrian civil war 1 International news: AFPBB News

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Honma is a trivial question for women - a summary

About the difference between YES and NO in Japanese and English - Boss Gagaga Foreigner

In case of a negative question, YES and NO will be replaced with Japanese answers. In English, YES is YES at any time.

A story where the "democratic team" collapsed | Cybozu formula

A university freshmen who lives alone, a quarter is "no television" Tokyo University of Technology research - ITmedia news

An easy "extra" hurts the value | Heidi Grant · Halbverson / HBR blog | DIAMOND Harvard Business Review

Finance knowledge "Wear it in childhood" = Mr. Buffett | Reuters

One new photograph in US English dictionary such as "Self-taken" "Hash tag" International news: AFPBB News

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Twitter official finally introduced the mute function! Let's mute the unwanted guy! - Toguac

All rights are transferred when creating T-shirts in UNIQLO UTme! Voice to warn of terms of use

What is "Gakuin" of Gallery and Bazaar. - someday in the future / diary of hyoshiok

【LINE Creators Market】 LINE stamp examination criteria Conclusion & common reject reason

Let's preserve the size and format of the image.
Sexual expression is all NG
Let's use it in everyday conversation.
Too simple illustrations and only letters stamps are NG
Not to mention misspellings in the stamp, the explanatory text and the real thing is Tig Hag NG
Immediately after copyright infringement even a little infringement NG
Do not use for announcement or publicity
Expression that promotes liquor / tobacco is NG
NG to promote discrimination
NG to promote illegal things
Pachinko / things that promote gambling such as horse racing are NG
Sting, cut and shoot living things and brutal expression is NG

Honor the accomplishment made to allow Illustrator 's array!

Chrome can easily turn off JavaScript - I'm gonna kiss you

The number of access of the 2ch summary antenna site is reduced by half in half a year - not a fun blog

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What I thought about personal shooter development as a hobby Iwakuni Yamato's Damn it

I tried playing at 3DS 's "new picture department classroom" by artistic achievement "2" - GURURI Michi.

Works that became the basis of "Mobile Suit Gundam UC" - Fluffy Smile

Cumulative total exceeded 25 million! It is! Yasushi Fujishima's original work "Oh My Goddess" TV animation series will be released for the first Blu-ray BOX release! | Details | Bandai Visual

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ASKA 's breathtaking stop "Zubu' s Shub Sex" | East Sports Web? Tokyo Sports Newspaper Company

There are two key points. First of all, it is very serious of group 5.

"The arrest of medication cases is really difficult, especially for famous social influential celebrities, especially if you enter Gasa, public institutions will give you a guarantee that if you do not have any" do not do it " In addition, as media coverage precedes measures are taken and there is a possibility of missing the timing of arrest, so it's time for group 5 to ensure that evidence is solidified over time. "

It is said that the proof of the matter is in the shape of an investigator when ASUSA entered the home of ASKA.

"I am wearing something like a shampoo hat on the head with a mask and this is because I am trying to do ASKA's DNA appraisal.Do not cut skin sections of saliva, saliva, falling hair with investigators We do not do so until normal. "

And the other is a relationship with women.

"Shabs are easier to arrest than people who are using them at home (alone when they are alone) because it is easy to arrest and it is easy to get rid of. Sex is not publicized, but basically when men and women do shabs, they can not think besides sex. "

In other words, Zubuzub's Shabu sex stopped ASKA's breathtaking.

Se to the number 12 or 18 battle axes to seek a reduction in number of battle matches to consider: baseball: sports broadcast

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"Spiral Grape" New development with two tastes! | News Release 2014 | Company Information | Asahi Beverages

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