Microwave oven that can cook automatically from the barcode you made with Raspberry Pi

When trying to warm foods bought at supermarkets and convenience stores in the microwave oven, check the cooking time which is disaggered for each item in the package, press the buttons one by one to set the power and time ...... It is also troublesome to have to stepping on. Furthermore, some people may have exploited food in the range by mistaking the cooking time setting.

A man who was conceived to solve such troublesome and troublesome made himself a microwave owner who sets cooking time by himself and starts cooking without permission if he reads the bar code of the item.

Raspberry Pi Microwave - Made by Nathan

Nathan Broadbent of Mr. Natsuno who made such a range himself. I am usually engaged in engineer work to develop web applications.

The way the "bar code reader · auto microwave" made by Broadbent works works can be seen in the following movie.

Raspberry Pi Microwave - Feature Demo - YouTube

This is my original auto microwave. Although the main body is diverted from off-the-shelf items, at the heart of it is a compact PC moduleRaspberry Pi(Raspberry pie) is built in.

Since I am using Raspberry Pi programmable by myself, I can set any use as my preference. You can tell by watching the movie, but as soon as you turn on the power, the startup sound like a PC will be played.

Since it is connected to the net, we will set the time automatically from the time server on the net.

It goes without saying that you can "cook one-touch" just by pressing the button on the control panel ... ...

This microwave oven has a speech recognition function that analyzes the contents spoken to by the voice. "Microwave, 25 seconds on defrost (microwave, 25 seconds in decompression mode)" and speak ... ...)

"OK" reply and thawing started.

It is also possible to control from the iPad.

I tried to make cooking actually with a function that recognizes the bar code and works according to cooking, which is the main function.Pasta for rangeTo the bowl ......

Pour the necessary water and milk.

Then put the bowl into the range.

Next, pick up the barcode stated in the food package with the included barcode scanner.

Then the scanned barcode information was displayed on the PC screen.

As for the scanned data, here also online product barcode database built by Mr. Broadbent "Microwave Cooking DBIt will be searched on. In the database, cooking methods for each product are stored separately for each barcode, and the data is transmitted to the microwave oven to enable automatic setting.

If there is no product on the database, you can also register it yourself.

In addition to registering the microwave oven output setting and cooking time, you can put items such as "Miru (Stir)" and "Leave it (Stand)" in the database.The microwave oven Following the registration information, you will be able to instruct instructions instructing "Please stir the contents" or "Please leave it as it is for a while (let it cool down)" in a timely manner.

When new registration was completed and data was sent to the range, cooking was started automatically.

When the set time has passed, the range temporarily stops and the voice guide will flow "Please stir the contents". In addition, it seems that a slight time gap has occurred due to the trial production stage.

Stir the contents and close the door again ...

The second heating started. You need to do the work of stirring contents yourself, but once you have saved the correct settings in the database, you can avoid failing with the wrong cooking method.

In making my own work, a method of diverting ready-made microwave ovens was adopted. The electronic board built in the operation panel part is also used as it is.

The necessary board isetchingDoing it yourself ... ...

I am docking it with the Raspberry Pi board on the right.

All materials necessary for programmingGitHubI was able to get from. In this project, we created one system by combining the four main components.

At the end of the movie, Raspberry pie (RaspberryPiUsing raspberry pie (RaspberryPieBroadbent says that he tried to make it.

A delicious raspberry pie was made. The main component board of raspberry pie is placed on the left.

This time is Broadbent who created my own bar code reading type microwave oven, but in fact the microwave oven already having the same function is alreadyIt is soldAnd that. Broadbent's aim was not to make the world's first microwave oven, but to create a microwave oven with the functions he wanted with his own hands.

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