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Lotteria hailed as "a bursting burger on a notch""Triedberry Burgers of Gold" and "Golden Mature Tama Territor Burger" released on Monday, May 12To do. For "Teriyaki burger of gold" use minced meat with ultra coarse ground beef stuffed meat. "The Golden Mature Tama Territor Burger" is a sandwich of Lotteria Original Mature Wind Tamago to Teriyaki Burgers of Gold. The price is "360 yen for tax included in" Teriyaki burger of gold ", 440 yen for" golden half-baked tama burger "including tax.

By the way, GIGAZINE of one year ago wrote such an article.

A graduation ceremony of a UK university quite different from a Japanese university looks something like this - GIGAZINE

How to easily test the excellence of touch screen performance of your own smartphone - GIGAZINE

I shoot a lot with the camera "Lytro" which can focus after taking a picture - GIGAZINE

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I "Ctrl + Alt + Delete" common person "Shu, shy ..."

I downloaded Firefox without using Internet Explorer | Iron King

I do not know the reason ... # Fish fucking cola Grand Prix - Togetter Summary

Professional wrestling cards will be enclosed in a prayer mail of Bushiroad familiar with love live: market situation kabu full force 2 stories

[Image] The mansion of about 1.4 billion yen is too terrible wwwwwwwwwwww

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News - Animals - Laboratory Animals, Stress with Men's Odor - National Geographic Official Japanese Site (NasoGio)

Tohoku University original rule "Military evasion" banned multiple professors etc. Research fund from US military - MSN Sankei News

Antibiotics resistant bacteria expanding worldwide, WHO "catastrophic damage" also | Reuters

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Two people in Fukushima Prefectural Police Investigation Section 2, Suicide boss and successors: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Don Quijote HD recruits new graduates, requires no resume books, secures human resources | Reuters

Current affairs dot com: erroneous arrest with seatbelt not worn = no penalty, no police officers - Miyagi prefectural police

38 listed companies that disclosed inappropriate accounting and accounting in 2013: Tokyo Shoko Research

Sitting height measurement at school and gourd insect inspection, abolition next year: society: Yomiuri Shimbun (YOMIURI ONLINE)

A man of homosexual three murder, "I wanted to stop evil" Pakistan 3 pictures International news: AFPBB News

Is it burdensome to compare internationally? Japanese taxation trick: PRESIDENT Online - President

Negotiable small business Small business Tsukiji Nearly nearly halved by Toyosu relocation │NEWS Post Seven

Bloomberg to Bit Coin Market Posted - WSJ.com

Conan: To collect 10 million pieces Safety non-inspection 1000 items - Mainichi Newspaper

Tokyo Shimbun: After Judo Accident the former instructor guilty safety education thorough task: society (TOKYO Web)

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Kanagawa) "Happy to see" Keikyu, a yellow organization: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Compression interview, declining to declining informal decision, etc. It seems that everyone is going to record and fire it on the net and it seems like flames up 2 or 3 times, if it goes on news, will it fade away? Apart from good or bad - drifting sea of ​​information

Online floral folding fliers do not die: Nikkei Business Online

Publication status Chronicle 72 (April 1 - April 30, 2014) - Publication · Reading memorandum

Last time in March, in the studying period, bookstore sales are the fastest growing month, but minus has continued, so I wrote that it is inevitable that the estimated sales volume of 200 billion yen is inevitable. It felt good and decreased by 5.6% from 195.9 billion yen in 2001 to 194.5 billion yen, which is more than 10 billion yen.

Breakdown of books is down 4.5%, magazines are down 6.8%. In particular, the monthly magazine of the magazine decreased by 5.7%, the weekly magazine decreased by 11.2%, and the minus which is not stopped continues.

Still, the Publishing Science Research Institute stated that the book shop sales situation was good in the late March before the consumption tax increase, but it is a well-known fact that the actual sales amount was quite negative.

Looking at various indicators, for example, department stores' sales in March have increased by a few tenths, it is said that the increase in five major companies is continuing for five months, and other retailers also have a long way to go It is reported that it was an increase in sales. But even the publishing industry may be the biggest negative minus.

I was disappointed ... | Staff blog | Aquaworld Ibaraki Oarai Aquarium

A citizen textbook of Nagasutea talks about ... - Togetter Summary

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Nico Nico Finished Party III ~ Apologies / Gratitude / Retribution / Responsibility / Future Talk: Management of Abe - Blomaga

Yamamoto Hiroshi SF secret base BLOG: [Announcement] and the conference, retired

Rather, I think that when I was at the conference, I think that I will write topics that I could not write because of circumstances.

News - system trouble at Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, about 3 billion yen can not be transferred on a regular basis: ITpro

Hatena village diffusion - Final defense line 2

Do not install Java SE 6 on Mac OS X 10.9 - Use Java SE 7 - Basic

"No data received" frequently occurred / solved in Chrome after updating avast! | Workabroad.jp

【Hobby Internet Map Watch】 No. 186: Application to guide the Tokyo National Museum by positioning with Bluetooth Low Energy - INTERNET Watch

Geek's page: Vulnerability in the TCP stack of FreeBSD, possibility of extracting kernel memory

Let's form a Hatena bookmark · user group! - Hatena Village Stationary Observatory

[FAQ Summary] Security Advisory 2963983 • Remote Code Execution Due to Vulnerability in Internet Explorer - Japan Security Team - Site Home - TechNet Blogs

Exchange SSD of MacBook Air (Mid 2012) for JetDrive 520! The surprising benchmark result is ... | makkyon web

I made a room combining various gadgets so I thought about it variously - Dent Tips

38 despair faced in new business | Express delivery service Pacirii

The recipe restaurant of that shop makes public a recipe for out of the door! [Cookpad] Simple delicious recipe for everyone's hands is 1.75 million goods

【Announcement of death of diagnostic application application】 A case where review is required to acquire permission by Facebook Login

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Mario Kart 8 Direct 2014.4.30 Presentation Video - YouTube

"Tamago Love Story" TVCM (KOI NO UTA ver.) - YouTube

Let's use the Sprite function added in Unity 4.3 - Part 5 (Spring Join / Hinge Joint 2D commentary) - Unity's beginning game development - Mobile Touch

Mario Kart 8 Direct 2014.4.30 | Nintendo

【SF Project】 Professor Makoto Yukimura Interview (Manga Artist) | KENBUNDEN - I want to see, want to tell, I want to tell

Director Shinkai Makoto "The Word of Garden" won the first prize at the German animated film festival! - Cinema Today

Finally developed a flight stone of "shimmering castle Laputa" that shines as "ballus!", Finally selling (excite review) - excite news (1/2)

The dot picture of the game is "art": philosophy news nwk

A game in which Kusoge has passed and turned into a god game

Recommended light novel 15 selection after 2010 - WINDBIRD

Tokyo) "Moe Temple" animation to Hachioji, connecting youth and Buddhism: Asahi Shimbun Digital

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J League x Captain Tsubasa # 2 Reaction Kicking Rapid Gun (Captain Tsubasa super shot - YouTube

Ryotaro Sugi Theatrical havoc with a pig's organs and blood in a stage scene │NEWS Post Seven

Hama chan eldest son Asako Toki and enthusiasm for 15 years old - Entertainment News: nikkansports.com

Ayrton · Senna's successive Formula 1 machine 【F1-Gate.com】

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Japan Macdonald, limited time sale of new product "Macchuros" in snack menu

Japan McDonald's, "McFleurry Salt Caramel Flavor" 2 items for a limited time sale

Appearing perfectly for the early summer "Fruit auspicious plum apricot" - Freshly sweet and sour creamy fruit juice beverage in Kishu Minami Takumi and apricots ~

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